Ready for a forever family!

This very beautiful and talented girl in our Colombia Waiting Child Program loves to dance and paint!

When she isn’t painting masterpieces she is busy doing homework. She is currently in sixth grade; she fell behind in school due to family problems but is working hard to catch up now that she lives in a more stable and safe environment.

She needs a family to help support her as she learns more about math, science, history and English. Her overall health is stable and she is able to perform all of the activities typical for a girl her age. She has a somewhat restricted diet because of a medical history of colon carcinoid polyposis.

Any family who can provide this bright 14-year-old with lots of love, security and plenty of paint brushes should contact us soon to learn more about her!

Her case number is Di2014-CB35. Please visit our Waiting Child Page to view her information or email with specific questions.

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