Happy Reunions, Treasured Memories on our China Birthland Tour

Do you remember when you were a child going to visit your grandmother and seeing all sorts of family members you didn’t really know? And each of them would have a funny story about when you were a child. They would pinch your cheeks and comment on how much you had grown. Then they would regale you with stories of your childhood that you didn’t remember.

That is exactly what happened to two of our adoptees when our tour bus pulled up to the hotel in Guiping.

The lady who typically would be helping us unload our luggage instead headed straight for Sarah and Jamie, hugging them and calling them by their Chinese names, Qi Ling and Fu Ling.

Enjoying breakfast with a former orphanage caregiverWe found out that she was one of their caregivers at the orphanage years ago, and she never forgot them.

She called her neighbor, who also came to the hotel and ate dinner with us.

They were in some of the girls’ old photos, and they remembered the girls like it was yesterday.

The lady from the hotel recently adopted her own daughter from the same orphanage.

As the middle class grows in China, more and more Chinese families are adopting domestically.

That leaves older children and those with special needs waiting for families the longest.

I hope you will go to our Waiting Child page  to meet some of the children who are waiting for a family, and someday you might be taking some of them back for a birthland tour with other Dillon families.

And they, too, might be greeted with kisses and hugs in their old hometown.

—By Nellie Kelly, Dillon International’s marketing and PR manager

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