Haitian Children Await the Miracle of Family


haiti3Adopting from Haiti is still an option. We understand how this fact may get lost among news of various struggles. However, adoptions are moving forward and children need families.

We currently have the opportunity to find families for several boys and girls, ages 4-10, who are in the care of the Foundation for the Children of Haiti. Some have special needs; many are healthy.

A Dire Need

Recent UNICEF statistics indicate that 7 percent of Haiti’s children will die before age 5. So these great kids have already, no doubt, been the recipients of many miracles. They need another miracle: The opportunity to grow up in a home, cherished by a family.

Could that home be yours?

More Families Now Qualify

As Haiti moves toward implementing the Hague Treaty, a new adoption law making the criteria to adopt from Haiti less restrictive, was recently approved.

Under the new law, the marriage-length requirement for prospective adoptive couples is five years; previously 10-year marriages were required. The law also shaved five years off the minimum age requirement, allowing married couples ages 30-50 and single women ages 35-50 to adopt.

The legislation also lifted limits to the number of children prospective parents may have in their home, provided their household has sufficient resources to add another child.

The flexibility to weather the unexpected is mandatory for any adoption process. The Haiti program is certainly no exception.
What is certain is that there are children in Haiti who need families. — by Rebecca Hackworth

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