Home Study Services

If you already have selected a placement agency for your adoption but need a local adoption agency to provide your home study and post-placement services in order to complete your adoption process, Dillon International offers home-study-only services tailored to your needs.

Dillon’s adoption supervisor oversees all home-study-only clients and can help you with your initial questions about the process and what to expect when utilizing our home study services.  We also encourage you to review Dillon International’s application guidelines along with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) criteria for adoptive families, which have been included in the Adoption Guide, to assist you in your decision-making and preparation in selecting a home-study-only provider.

We know that families often worry that a social worker will be inspecting their house with a white glove. That’s nothing to worry about! While the worker will want to make sure that your home is safe, a home study is really more about your family than your house. A home study means that a social worker visits your home to collect background information about you and your family, assess your understanding of issues related to adoption and assess you motivation for adopting.

To schedule a home study with one of our licensed social workers, email Maren Brose, adoption supervisor, or call 918.749.4600.

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