Meet two incredible teens

Most teenagers dream about getting their driver’s license or the latest electronic gadget.  Meet two fantastic 15-year-olds whose one wish in life is to have the loving support of a family to call their own.

Tomea is a compassionate girl with a terrific smile who enjoys showing affection with hugs. She has great manners and gets along well with her teachers and classmates. Her favorite subjects in school are math and art. She loves the outdoors and trips to the park, and hopes to one day have a puppy she can take along with her. Tomea thrives best in a structured environment, and feels safest when her life is predictable. She would love to have a family who truly cares about her well-being and hopes they will arrive soon to claim her as their own.

Enrique is an easygoing, caring young man who longs to be a part of a loving, stable family. He enjoys the outdoors, likes to fish and would love to learn how to hunt. Like most teenage boys Enrique likes to eat, enjoys video games, music and going to the movies. He also enjoys JROTC and eventually would like to either join the military or become a police officer. He does best when living in a structured and predictable environment. He shares his caring nature openly with words and is accepting and loving towards animals and pets. He relates well to all adult authority figures. Becoming part of a family would bring out the best in this young man and he hopes to find one soon.

Tomea and Enrique are among the children who are waiting for families in our new program, offered in collaboration with Oklahoma’s Department of Human Services, to find adoptive families for waiting children in the state’s foster care system.

To learn more about either of these great kids, please visit our Waiting Child Page or contact our program coordinator with specific questions.

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