Tackling the tough stuff

SONY DSCRacism. Stereotypes. White privilege.

Transracial adoptive families need to be prepared to confront these painful realities. But…

“They’re also the hardest to talk about,” said Crystal Hogg, LCSW, adoption coordinator of Dillon’s Arkansas office. “Often, if we feel like it’s something we can’t fix, we just want to avoid it.”

The Reflections workshop offered at our summer heritage camps will challenge adoptive parents to consider what it’s like to walk in their child’s shoes.

From the outrageously obvious to the more subtle forms of racism—such as “microaggressions” and “positive” stereotypes—social workers and adult adoptees help prepare parents for common situations adoptees face.

The workshop uses a combination of expert advice and fun exercises to help parent learn how to

  • Effectively listen and truly hear what their children are saying
  • Create a support system for their child
  • Set limits and be assertive on their children’s behalf and help their children learn to do this as well.

Although the issues discussed are serious, a variety of interactive exercises and fun video clips lighten the atmosphere. “We want to teach families how to bond with their child and be a support to them…and maybe even have fun doing it,” Hogg said.

“We won’t be able to fix all our society, but we can give our kids a safe place to land: a place where they know they can talk and not be ignored,” she added.

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