Brothers need a family

di2015-v16,17These two brothers need a family to call their own once again.

They have lived in an orphanage since 2013, and their mother is not able to visit very often because she is in poor health. In the beginning, the brothers were very sad to be in the orphanage, but now they are happy and making friends.

The older brother (orange shirt) reads well and is average at math, but his favorite subject in school is physical education. He is in seventh grade, and every day he takes his brother to school on a bicycle.

At home, he helps with hanging the laundry outside to dry.

He loves soccer, swimming and badminton, and he can swim freestyle and breaststroke very well. He is described as getting along well with adults and other children. He is easy-going and rarely gets upset.

The younger brother (blue shirt) reads and writes well and is excellent at math. His favorite subjects are math and literature. He is above average academically and never breaks school rules.

At home, he helps to sweep and clean.

He lives in a home with a caregiver, who the children all call “Mom,” his biological brother and five other children.

They are on a soccer team that just won the national bronze medal for teams of children from difficult situations.

These great boys need a family of their own where they can play sports and have unconditional love. Could that family be yours?

Families from all 50 states may apply. We are working with another American adoption agency to find a family for these boys.


Their Waiting Child ID numbers are di2015-v16 and 17.

Email the Waiting Child Coordinator with your questions or comments. To request this child’s social/medical file please complete the following form:

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