Exciting India news!

We have great news from the India adoption program.

The changes amount to a more predictable process for all families and special consideration for Non-Resident Indian families. The new guidelines became effective August 1.

Since the 2011 Indian adoption guidelines, there has been slow progress in finding families for children, so the Indian Central Authority has decided to make changes so that more children can find families more quickly.

Rather than individual orphanages providing referrals to a database, the Central Authority is now handling the matching of families to children in order to provide a smoother, more predictable process.

Some of the changes include:

Number of Children: The new regulations state that families can have no more than four children at home prior to adoption. In the past, families were limited to three children.

Ages of Parents: For children up to 4 years old, the maximum composite age of prospective adoptive parents shouldn’t be more than 90 years for a couple and no more than 45 years old for a single person. For a child 4 to 8 years old, the maximum composite age is 100, and the maximum age for a single person is 50. For a child from 8 to 18, the maximum composite age is 110 years, and the maximum age for a single person is 55 years. Parents’ ages are counted from the date of registration in India.

Acceptance Process: After the family has reserved the child’s file, the family has 30 days to have the medical examination report reviewed and sign the child study report. Families who fail to move forward in 30 days will fall to the bottom of the referral list, and their registration will remain active for two years from the date of registration in India.

NRI Status: Families with NRI status, which means that one spouse is a US citizen and the other spouse obtains a valid Indian passport, will have their adoptions treated on-par with a domestic Indian adoption.

Other changes have been implemented to streamline the adoption process from India.

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Read the Guidelines Governing Adoption of Children 2015 (English starts on p. 65)

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