Learning from Haiti

haitiLearning from others across the globe has always been a passion of mine. Understanding how others solve problems, empower people and serve is something that I have enjoyed when traveling. I find that learning from others is how we make our own communities stronger. Whether those communities are within our families, our neighborhood, or our world, there is always something new we can learn.

Dillon has decided to provide opportunities for others to connect and share their hearts with other ministries all over the world. We hope that what we learn will help us serve and transform our communities and challenge the way we see the world.

Through service, we’ll learn, grow and empower ourselves and others.

Dillon’s mission trips have given me the opportunity for personal growth and learning. I’ve acquired a greater understanding of other cultures, learned how other agencies serve and formed relationships with some amazing people across the globe. Our mission trip program is about building bonds, growing understanding and serving others by listening to their needs.

I know as an American, I have grown up in a culture of timetables and lists for each day. Sometimes I feel we get so stuck in doing things according to pre-planned lists that we miss some of the greatest moments in life. When traveling on the Haiti Mission Trip the first time, I learned from a culture that is not so stuck on timetables and itineraries.

Instead, I learned to enjoy the beautiful moments in life without being so concerned about sticking to an itinerary.

Those moments included loving on the smiling child sitting next to me. Or painting beds…which I admit did not seem so important to me until I learned that it meant the world to the housemothers who wanted to keep the rooms looking nice for the children they serve.

Each time I travel, I learn something new about myself and others. Those that we serve are also our teachers; they can teach us a new way of seeing the world.

This year Dillon will be taking a Sharing Heart Mission trip to South Korea in October.

And over Thanksgiving, we’ll be doing a Vision Trip to Haiti. This trip will be a great mix of vacation along with seeing our international partner nonprofit in action.

We are so excited to begin the growth of our travel program and hope that as we travel around the globe we come home with a new way of seeing our own communities.

For more information about either trip, please fill out the form below, and we’ll be glad to contact you.

—Lisa Leung, Dillon’s Director of Lifetime Support Services

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