3 Girls Need Families

Please meet three precious baby girls in our Vietnam Special Adoption Program who are waiting for families.

Thank you for taking a moment to learn about them, pray for them and advocate for them so that their forever families will be found soon.

Families from all 50 states may inquire. If you have specific questions, please email our Waiting Child Coordinator. If you would like to request a child’s medical/social file, you can do so by completing the form below.


Celebrating a family in process!

Di 2015-v12: This darling 2-year-old is making great strides.

She can clap, walk steadily and say two- to three-word sentences. Her heart, lungs and skin are all normal, and her skull is symmetrical.

She was born at 5 1/2 pounds and had hydrocephaly as an infant.

She had a medical exam in June when she was 23 months old. The doctor said her neuro-motor development is normal.

She weighed 25 pounds and was 32 inches tall, and the doctor noted that her height and weight were normal. An abdominal ultrasound showed that her abdomen was normal. A brain CT showed dilation of lateral ventricles.

This sweet toddler needs a family so that she can continue to grow and reach her full potential.


di2015-v19Celebrating a family in process

Di2015-v19: This sweet girl was born without arms, but she doesn’t let that slow her down! She loves to play with toys and, at 1-year-old, is already holding a pen with her toes to draw.

She is able to turn over, sit up and can move her eyes well. Her nose, heart and abdomen are all normal and she has no weakness or paralysis.

She has been slow to gain weight, but she drinks milk and eats rice cereal. She tested positive for Hepatitis B.

She needs a family’s love to help her reach her full potential.


Celebrating a family in process

Di2015-v13: This beautiful 18-month-old girl is quite a fighter!

She was born prematurely at 26 weeks and weighed only two pounds. At her medical evaluation in June, she weighed 14 pounds, and is now is able to play, scoot, turn over and crawl. She loves to play with toys that make noise.

She is blind in her left eye due to retina detachment, but her right eye is normal, and she makes good eye contact.

An abdominal ultrasound shows that her kidneys, liver, bladder and spleen are all normal. She has a heart murmur, but her heartbeat and lungs are normal. She is behind developmentally, which the doctor attributes to her prematurity.

What wonderful things she will accomplish once she’s in the arms of her loving family! Could that family be yours?

Happily, since this blog was posted, all three girls have families in process!

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