Second Vietnam family

Since 2008, the Vietnam adoption program has been closed to American families.

That all changed when Dillon was one of only two agencies licensed in September 2014 to reopen the program.

The first Vietnam adoptee in more than seven years arrived home with her forever family in January.

Now we are so happy to announce that our second Vietnam family is traveling in Vietnam and will be home soon.

Says Cindy Rountree of 15-year-old Hien, “The most fun has been watching her slip into character when we go to Hard Rock Cafe. She becomes a cool rock star. Watching her then is when I started to understand a little better. She is not just a teenager,she is a cool teenager. I think that atmosphere allowed her to morph from cautious or shy into cool and reserved, doesn’t need to chatter, thinks the waiter is cute (and secretly takes lots of photos of him on her Ipad mini.) She is a super cool kid.”

If you’d like more information on the Vietnam Special Adoption program, check out the Vietnam page or join us for a webinar.

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