Vision trip to Haiti

Why go on a vision trip to Haiti?

“Because it’ll change your life. It changed my life,” said Lisa Wiedenhaupt, Dillon International’s post-adoption service coordinator. “It will really change how you see the world. You get to be a small part of a really big vision.”2012Haititour9

This fall, families, individuals and groups can participate in a Dillon International vision trip November 22-29.

Nov. 22-29:
Trip participants will experience a perfect blend of a service project, seeing an international nonprofit in action, and having a fun vacation on the beach and in the mountains.

The trip will focus on the beautiful sights the island has to offer, along with visiting our international partner in Haiti, the Foundation for the Children of Haiti, including Rainbow of Love Nursery and Haiti Home for Children, which helps those ages 8 to 16.

The tour is open to any individual, family or group … not only Haitian adoptees. For adoptees, we usually can arrange a visit to the former orphanage.

The Vision Trip will be a perfect mix of service to the children of Haiti, witnessing the work of a Haitian nonprofit agency, and having a fun vacation.

There will be beach getaways, a shopping trip to the mountains and other activities meant to give you a wider view of Haiti than you would get at a single resort or trip to the capitol city.

“It’s definitely a gorgeous country. There is beauty amongst the hardship,” Wiedenhaupt said.

Much progress has been made since the earthquake that devastated the country in 2010, she added. “You see a lot of hope, a lot of people working hard toward a better future; but there is still so much to be done.”

Come make a difference with us! You can request an information packet online or email us with specific questions.

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