See India with us!

I am so excited to be going on the tour this December and taking my daughter on her first trip back to India!

My first trip to India was when I was 19 years old, and I traveled with a missions group to south India. That trip and India impacted me in a way that I cannot explain, and I knew in my heart that India would always be a part of my life.

Since then, I have had the opportunity to travel to India many times; first as part of missions groups in college and then as part of my job during my 11 years working with the India program at Dillon.

tamiHowever, the two most important trips to India I have taken were in 2007 and 2010 when my husband and I traveled to adopt our daughter and then our son.

When we chose to build our family through intercountry adoption, we knew that some day we would take our children back to their birth country, so that has always been part of the big picture.

My oldest daughter, Raina, has been expressing a desire to see India for many years. It has always been important to her, and although some children may not be ready until they are older, she is very ready as an almost-10-year-old.

She has many questions about the first year of her life, and although I can provide pictures and some answers, it does not provide the tangible experience of being there.

I believe this trip will not only be exciting for her as she experiences travel and new things, but also that it will provide her with more of a sense of her own story and her own history while also getting to experience being in the majority and learning about her birth culture.

I am also very excited that India adoption program director Jynger Robers will be there, as well, and I look forward to the fun of sharing this adventure together with our daughters!

I hope other families will join us as there is true value in adoptees experiencing this trip together as a shared experience.

By Tami Davidson, Dillon India mom

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