Bringing the Gift of Education

Starting the school year for us here in the United States is filled with supply shopping, backpack stuffing, and the long dreaded new wake-up call routine.  Then before we know it the first day of school arrives, a photo is taken and your child races off to their classroom or to their new school area in the house.  In the middle of the back to school chaos we sometimes forget what a gift education really is for our children.  There are so many around the world who do not have the option to go to school.

Dillon has always had a heart and a vision to help children, families, and communities in the countries in which we work.  Working in partnership with Vietnam for over 10 years, Dillon has been able to purchase books, uniforms, and cover tuition for around 400 students each year.  This partnership was created out of a vision that education is planting the seed for future economic growth and working toward family sustainability.  One young woman expressed her thankfulness for the scholarships she received because since her parents died, she has been able to support her siblings.  Dillon continues to pursue the goal of keeping families together and empowering children to reach their full potential.

We have seen huge success with the Vietnam education sponsorship program.  Many students who received a scholarship in this program have gone on to gain their college degrees and promising careers, allowing for each of those graduates to be able to pay for their own children to attend school.  All it takes is for one drop of investment to create a ripple effect of change through generations.

As the new school year begins in Vietnam, we are hoping you will be able partner with us in helping as many children in Vietnam as we can this school year.  The cost to cover one child’s tuition, books, and uniform is $100.  Whether you are able to cover multiple children, one child or partial scholarship of a child, each donation will make a huge impact.  

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