Meet Our New Executive Director!

The Board of Directors of Dillon International is pleased to announce Karin Price as the agency’s new Executive Director. She previously held this position from 1984 to 1994.

A message from Karin.

This year I began my 32nd year working with international child welfare and adoptions. My passion is a result of many unique life experiences. After the Korean War, my family moved to South Korea to rebuild churches.    Within months of the move, my parents changed their mission and began building group homes for boys living on the streets. Whenever possible, my father reunited the boys to birth family members.  I remember a six year old boy the local police brought to us. The little boy insisted he had gotten lost and he had a family.  My Dad drove the little boy around all the small towns for three days and finally found his parents. There were many times when family members could not be found so the boys lived in group homes, with house parents, on the acre where I lived with my parents. Until my father passed away, many kept in contact with him.  Now the ones I know are grandparents like me. Some of the boys were being adopted and each summer, I was their English tutor. My father would update me on how the boys were adjusting to their new homes. These early life experiences helped me understand things from the child’s perspective and a country’s perspective.

I moved to the United States to obtain my degree in social work and began working for Dillon in the 1970’s. I held direct services and administrative positions. It was a rewarding challenge to establish the programs for children living in orphanages in India, Haiti and China.  I developed pre–adoptive training curriculum and I began services for the lifespan of the adoptive family. One day I met an adult adoptee and her three children. As we got acquainted, I realized Dillon had to increase services to the adult adoptees and their families. Later, as I attended the Dillon Heritage Camps, it was exciting to see adult adoptees bring their children to camp. In the 1990’s my husband, two children and I moved to China to teach.  After three amazing years, we returned to the United States and I rejoined the Dillon staff as the Midwest Regional Coordinator and Director of Post Adoption Services.

I hold a MSW in social work and I continue to write and speak on adoption issues. My clinical experience focuses on serving children, families and adults. My husband and I have adult children by marriage, birth and international adoption. In my free time, I assist women in places of worship, volunteer for the Medical Reserve Corp and enjoy traveling.

I am thrilled to step into this leadership role to continue building our agency and strengthening the services we provide. As our world changes, the needs of children living in orphanages and the stability of international adoption programs fluctuate. I look forward to working with the opportunities and challenges we face. I invite you to join me in this work.

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