Orphan Sunday

By Karin Price, Executive Director

Do you know who we honor on November 12, 2017? It is the one Sunday set aside each year to acknowledge and help children identified as “orphan” or “foster child”.  Throughout the world 15 million children have lost both parents and 130 million children do not live with parents.

In November, places of worship throughout the world will pray, educate and collect funds to improve the quality of life for children. In some countries, churches will collect funds to keep families together, as well as support orphanages. During a trip to Tanzania, I met with three churches helping children stay with their parents and funding the local orphanages when parents passed away. Each year more countries celebrate Orphan Sunday.

One year we supported several families in Asia who brought their children to the local orphanage because they could no longer afford to feed the children. Each family faced a crisis when one parent died.  The support we provided kept the families together and in six months the microbusiness established by the families flourished. They became self-supporting which prevented children from entering an orphanage.

Yet, we know too many children live in orphanages and foster homes. Children need permanent families. This month, Dillon International, Inc. is joining others at Adoption Fairs, Foster/Adopt Parent Recruitment Workshops and Orphan Care events. We commend those places of worship and child focused organizations that are giving adoption grants to bring children home and collecting donations to help children living away from their families.  When Jesus lived on earth, he loved and cared for children. Let’s follow his example.

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