Entering into 2018

In 1885, Amy Carmichael moved to India to care for vulnerable children.

Twenty years later, a tragic accident left Amy confined to her room. She continued to live in India, writing letters and books until she passed away in 1951.

Recently, I read one of her books where she asks and answers whether the work she did was good enough, especially to God.

“As so often, our little children can help us. We all know what kind of ducks and cows and elephants and giraffes they draw, and that extraordinary people, and what curious flowers. Sometimes we cannot recognize them, all unless they write underneath , duck, cows  and so on. And yet when they bring them to us we are pleased – well-pleased. We see their love, their eagerness, their wish to please us.  As we enter the New Year let us make our prayer:  Now God of peace….make us perfect in every good work…that which is well pleasing in your sight.”

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