Camps are Coming!

As we move to the end of April, it sinks in that summer is just right around the corner!  Bins of children’s crafts are starting to be sorted and registration lists are starting to form.  It can be so easy to get caught up in all the logistics of making back to back summer events happen, we miss the best part of summer.  Seeing hundreds of kids’ faces as they run around with old or new friends.  The quotes from kids as they realize they are not alone and other families do look like theirs.  The pride that comes from a child as they see their birth culture celebrated by their entire family.

So as we start thinking about summer and all the busy that comes with it, please stop to remember why you come to camp.  We understand that coming to a heritage camp can be a huge sacrifice for families both financially and in setting aside the time.  For Dillon staff it can be a focus on the preparation and logistical part.  This summer we want to challenge ourselves and those who attend to remember why we all come together each summer.  It is for all those kids who should have the opportunity to find a safe environment to discuss adoption related topics or to be in the majority.

We never want logistics to get in the way of the camp experience.  So if you have a desire to donate to help another family to attend, or your family may need a little extra help this summer, we have a scholarship program.  We want camp to be for everyone who would like to attend.  We hope to see you this summer!!

For information on how to give to our scholarship program, please contact

Heritage Camp Registrations

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