Advocate for Children who Wait

Every child deserves a family. In the 1950’s and 60’s I spend my childhood living in the same complex with 80-100  boys who had been homeless.  This was soon after the Korean War which brought countless deaths, trauma and displacements to so many people.  While the orphanage my parents had won awards for excellence, my parents always said, “Orphanage life is not the same as a family”. They worked tirelessly to locate family members or find an adoptive family.  Through the years I have volunteered at other orphanages and I agree that children need families. On the wall, in my office, I have a picture of my first day of school with two of the boys from the orphanage. This is a reminder of the great need for families.

Every time a country sends us information on a child released for adoption, we want to find a home as soon as possible. The journey is challenging but well worth it.

  • Please join us in our efforts to find children who wait for a family.  Here is more information  Feel free to call or email us.
  • Please consider increasing your family by adopting a child who waits. Link to the above website. You will need to obtain a password by signing in. We do this to protect children’s identity and it is a legal requirement of some countries. Your identifying information is not given to anyone or used for solicitation purposes.

I would be happy to speak with you. Karin Price 918-749-4600

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