You are Invited: Live Panel Discussion Featuring Adoptees and Their Korean Birth Mothers

Every adoption story is different, just as every birth search case is different.  The stories are filled with many mixed emotions such as grief, loss, individuality, curiosity and/or uncertainty.  For adoptive parents, the questions about your child’s birth family might revisit your mind often as you watch your child get older.  Does my child look like their birth parents, what are they doing right now, do they know how grateful I am for their selfless choices? Adoptive parents may have feelings of uncertainty as you share the mother/father love with people you have never met.  For adoptees questions possibly start to increase as you start to navigate your own identity.  Who are they?  Do they look like me?  Why did they make the choice they did?  Are they thinking about me?  For birth family the questions and feelings might be similar to both adoptee and adoptive parent.  Birth family members may wonder what their child/sibling/grandchild is doing and if they know they are being thought about.

Understanding all emotions of a birth search may be very complicated and complex.  This year at Korea Camp we work toward exploring those emotions, as we invite two birth families from Korea to be joined by two adult adoptees on a panel.  Each will share about their experience navigating some of the questions that loom in an adoption, and then explore the journey of a birth search.  Not all search cases are the same.  This panel will highlight the journeys of two families, and we invite everyone to join as we walk through their journeys with them.  The workshop will be on Saturday, July 28th from 10AM to Noon at South Tulsa Baptist Church at 10310 S Sheridan Rd, Tulsa, OK 74133.  The cost will be $20 at the door, which you can pay by card, cash, or check.  For individuals looking for CEU’s there will be certificates at the door that you can obtain after the workshop has concluded.

For more information about this event please contact Lisa Wiedenhaupt, Director of Lifetime Support Services Department at

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