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Adoptive Parent Support Group

Dillon would like to offer this FREE virtual adoptive parent support group, which is meant to create a safe space for adoptive parents to share experiences, and helpful resources and learn from our volunteer moderator about her personal experience as an adult adoptee.

This group is being offered on a first-come, first-serve monthly basis.  The group will open for up to 13 families per month to come together online to discuss different topics around adoption.  Registrations will open two weeks before the group meeting.  Once that month is full, individuals can go on a waitlist for that month in case a family needs to cancel.

Current Dates for Support Group

Monday, January 30th at 12 PM (CST) - FINISHED

Tuesday, February 21st at 7 PM (CST) - FINISHED

Friday, March 31st at 8 PM (CST) - REGISTRATIONS OPEN

Monday, April 24th at 7 PM (CST)

Thursday, May 18th at 12 PM (CST)

Friday, June 30th at 12 PM (CST)

For questions about the group please feel free to email

Adoptive Parent Book Club

You're invited to join a book discussion on the second Tuesday of the month beginning, March 14th at 7 PM (CST) with Darcy Mittelstaedt, a Korean-American Adoptee. She is leading the monthly Adoptive Parent Support Group.


The book title is “The Primal Wound: Understanding the Adopted Child” by Nancy Newton Verrier.  Many times, adoptive parents wonder why their adopted child(ren) has a hard time bonding with them or why they have so many questions about why they feel like they don’t belong even though they know they are loved by their adoptive families.  This book will help adoptive parents understand the psychology behind the unacknowledged or misunderstood pain and the unexplained behaviors of the adoptee. We will take 2 chapters a month and end with a watch party of the documentary “Reckoning With the Primal Wound” in November. You can get the book on Amazon, local library, or possibly at your local bookstore.


For questions, please contact Darcy Mittelstaedt at 480-231-0658 or

The Primal Wound Book 

By Nancy Verrier


Meet the Moderator

Darcy Mittelstaedt, born in Uijeongbu, South Korea, and adopted at the age of 2, was raised in a small rural community in Nebraska. She graduated from Midland University (Fremont, NE) with a BA in Sociology/Psychology/Criminal Justice and went on to work for Boys Town, a community for at-risk children. Later she became interested in Youth Ministry in her Lutheran Congregation and went to Seminary. She has served in several congregations as a Children, Youth & Family Minister. She is now a Deacon and serves in the Judicatory Offices of the Southwestern Texas Synod, in between San Antonio and Austin. She resides in New Braunfels, TX. Her passions are connecting with other adoptees, crocheting, zentangling, and baking. She loves to help others, especially in curating resources in all areas of adoption. 

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