You are Invited: Live Panel Discussion Featuring Adoptees and Their Korean Birth Mothers

Every adoption story is different, just as every birth search case is different.  The stories are filled with many mixed emotions such as grief, loss, individuality, curiosity and/or uncertainty.  For adoptive parents, the questions about your child’s birth family might revisit your mind often as you watch your child get older.  Does my child look like their birth parents, what are they doing right now, do they know how grateful I am for their selfless choices? Adoptive parents may have feelings of uncertainty as you share the mother/father love with people you have never met.  For adoptees questions possibly start to increase as you start to navigate your own identity.  Who are they?  Do they look like me?  Why did they make the choice they did?  Are they thinking about me?  For birth family the questions and feelings might be similar to both adoptee and adoptive parent.  Birth family members may wonder what their child/sibling/grandchild is doing and if they know they are being thought about.

Understanding all emotions of a birth search may be very complicated and complex.  This year at Korea Camp we work toward exploring those emotions, as we invite two birth families from Korea to be joined by two adult adoptees on a panel.  Each will share about their experience navigating some of the questions that loom in an adoption, and then explore the journey of a birth search.  Not all search cases are the same.  This panel will highlight the journeys of two families, and we invite everyone to join as we walk through their journeys with them.  The workshop will be on Saturday, July 28th from 10AM to Noon at South Tulsa Baptist Church at 10310 S Sheridan Rd, Tulsa, OK 74133.  The cost will be $20 at the door, which you can pay by card, cash, or check.  For individuals looking for CEU’s there will be certificates at the door that you can obtain after the workshop has concluded.

For more information about this event please contact Lisa Wiedenhaupt, Director of Lifetime Support Services Department at

Advocate for Children who Wait

Every child deserves a family. In the 1950’s and 60’s I spend my childhood living in the same complex with 80-100  boys who had been homeless.  This was soon after the Korean War which brought countless deaths, trauma and displacements to so many people.  While the orphanage my parents had won awards for excellence, my parents always said, “Orphanage life is not the same as a family”. They worked tirelessly to locate family members or find an adoptive family.  Through the years I have volunteered at other orphanages and I agree that children need families. On the wall, in my office, I have a picture of my first day of school with two of the boys from the orphanage. This is a reminder of the great need for families.

Every time a country sends us information on a child released for adoption, we want to find a home as soon as possible. The journey is challenging but well worth it.

  • Please join us in our efforts to find children who wait for a family.  Here is more information  Feel free to call or email us.
  • Please consider increasing your family by adopting a child who waits. Link to the above website. You will need to obtain a password by signing in. We do this to protect children’s identity and it is a legal requirement of some countries. Your identifying information is not given to anyone or used for solicitation purposes.

I would be happy to speak with you. Karin Price 918-749-4600

Camps are Coming!

As we move to the end of April, it sinks in that summer is just right around the corner!  Bins of children’s crafts are starting to be sorted and registration lists are starting to form.  It can be so easy to get caught up in all the logistics of making back to back summer events happen, we miss the best part of summer.  Seeing hundreds of kids’ faces as they run around with old or new friends.  The quotes from kids as they realize they are not alone and other families do look like theirs.  The pride that comes from a child as they see their birth culture celebrated by their entire family.

So as we start thinking about summer and all the busy that comes with it, please stop to remember why you come to camp.  We understand that coming to a heritage camp can be a huge sacrifice for families both financially and in setting aside the time.  For Dillon staff it can be a focus on the preparation and logistical part.  This summer we want to challenge ourselves and those who attend to remember why we all come together each summer.  It is for all those kids who should have the opportunity to find a safe environment to discuss adoption related topics or to be in the majority.

We never want logistics to get in the way of the camp experience.  So if you have a desire to donate to help another family to attend, or your family may need a little extra help this summer, we have a scholarship program.  We want camp to be for everyone who would like to attend.  We hope to see you this summer!!

For information on how to give to our scholarship program, please contact

Heritage Camp Registrations

FREE Online Adoption Book Club

We are very excited that Dillon International will be offering an online book club for pre and post adoptive families. This club will be in an online format meeting once a month on the second Tuesday evening of each month, starting March 2018 to introduce the group format and give the first reading assignment.

We decided to create this group because books are a great way to bring together people with common interests to share ideas and discuss issues of mutual interest and concern. We have all been in the situation where we have just finished a great book which has raised thoughts and questions, and really want to “process” the contents, but did not have anybody else to share those thoughts with. Especially when reading adoption related material, there is so much to process. We may find that having a safe place to discuss the reading will enhance each participant’s learning experience. There will also be an adoption professional on each call to help facilitate and to offer additional resources if needed.

Our hope is that this group will bring together people with various roles in adoption and of different life stages. And that this will allow for the group to offer different perspectives as we partner through different adoption related material. We hope to focus on each participant learning from the reading, as well as from others within the group.

With families living all over the US we have decided to open this book club in an online format. We will give each participant a call-in number for a once a month discussion. We will keep the monthly reading to less than 30 pages, as we know that each family does not have a lot of free time for reading.

Each participant will purchase his/her own copy (or borrow it from a library or friend) and attend each call ready to share thoughts and hear the opinions of others. The first book that the group will be discussing is The Whole-Brain Child, 12 Revolutionary strategies to Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind By Daniel J. Siegel, M.D., and Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D..









To register for this book club and receive the call-in information, please fill out the registration below:

Parent Support and Solutions

At first, the idea of participating in a therapeutic support group may sound intimidating, but many parents are surprised by the positive, helpful experience. When a family faces challenges, parents can be confused and feel alone. Adoptive parent groups fill the gaps for those looking for resources, support and a safe place to talk. Experiences are normalized and feelings of distress decrease.

This free group meets to offer supportive listening and education on parenting children who joined their family by adoption. All are welcome to attend, both before or after your child arrives home. Each meeting begins with an education segment and guided discussion. The education will focus on understanding how adoption may affect your family throughout everyone’s lives, and the life stages/events when adoption issues are most likely to resurface.

This is a safe place to share your challenges and successes. The meetings are led by professional counselors and follow group guidelines. Privacy and confidentiality of group members are respected.

Come meet with a group of people who care about how you and your children are doing.

When: Second Thursday of each month

Where: Dillon Office, 7335 South Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK

Time:  7:00 – 8:30 PM

Cost:  FREE

Contact: Karin Price, LCSW  918-749-4600