Parent Support and Solutions

At first, the idea of participating in a therapeutic support group may sound intimidating, but many parents are surprised by the positive, helpful experience. When a family faces challenges, parents can be confused and feel alone. Adoptive parent groups fill the gaps for those looking for resources, support and a safe place to talk. Experiences are normalized and feelings of distress decrease.

This free group meets to offer supportive listening and education on parenting children who joined their family by adoption. All are welcome to attend, both before or after your child arrives home. Each meeting begins with an education segment and guided discussion. The education will focus on understanding how adoption may affect your family throughout everyone’s lives, and the life stages/events when adoption issues are most likely to resurface.

This is a safe place to share your challenges and successes. The meetings are led by professional counselors and follow group guidelines. Privacy and confidentiality of group members are respected.

Come meet with a group of people who care about how you and your children are doing.

When: Second Thursday of each month

Where: Dillon Office, 7335 South Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK

Time:  7:00 – 8:30 PM

Cost:  FREE

Contact: Karin Price, LCSW  918-749-4600


Lunar New Year Celebration

Dillon International invites you to attend its annual gala on February 24, 2018, at Southern Hills Country Club.

Since 1972, Dillon International has found families for thousands of vulnerable children. Your support makes it possible for Dillon to continue lifetime services and programs for all children, families and adults impacted by foster care and adoption.

This year’s event includes a special presentation honoring Henry Will as the first recipient of the Jerry and Deniese Dillon Humanitarian Award.

There will be a three-course dinner, music provided by Bruce Guthrie Jazz Trio during cocktails, an incredible live auction during dinner, ending the evening with DJ Brian and dancing.

February 24, 2018

Cocktail Attire

Southern Hills Country Club – Tulsa, OK

Cocktails: 6:00PM

Dinner: 7:00PM

Complimentary Children’s Party
Check-in: 6:00PM
Included fun children’s activities, special menu, and participation in the processional parade during dinner.

Step Out, Take a Risk

by Karin Price, MSW, LCSW

I was a freshman in college, recently moved to the United States, and learning to do things the “American way”.  Living overseas for most of my life put me at a cultural disadvantage. I was in the grocery store checkout line, watching the woman in front of me so I would know the “acceptable” checkout process. The woman in front of me was  about my age, had the same amount of groceries and when she handed the store clerk her check to pay, the clerk asked her for ID.  Then it was my turn. I handed the clerk my check and ID.  The clerk said, “I don’t need to see your ID.” I knew something wasn’t right so, I said in a matter of fact voice, “Ma’am, if you needed to check hers, you also need to check mine.”  The clerk’s face flushed with embarrassment while the woman, in front of me, turned, smiled and nodded a “Thank you”. The woman in front of me was African American. I am white.

As a young adult, I believed, “If I challenge injustice things will change.” I continue to oppose injustice. When we challenge injustice it makes a difference.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Explore these questions:

  1. How often do I look at my own attitudes to determine if they contribute or combat injustice?
  2. Do my children see my commitment to social justice?

Entering into 2018

In 1885, Amy Carmichael moved to India to care for vulnerable children.

Twenty years later, a tragic accident left Amy confined to her room. She continued to live in India, writing letters and books until she passed away in 1951.

Recently, I read one of her books where she asks and answers whether the work she did was good enough, especially to God.

“As so often, our little children can help us. We all know what kind of ducks and cows and elephants and giraffes they draw, and that extraordinary people, and what curious flowers. Sometimes we cannot recognize them, all unless they write underneath , duck, cows  and so on. And yet when they bring them to us we are pleased – well-pleased. We see their love, their eagerness, their wish to please us.  As we enter the New Year let us make our prayer:  Now God of peace….make us perfect in every good work…that which is well pleasing in your sight.”

Bringing the Gift of Education

Starting the school year for us here in the United States is filled with supply shopping, backpack stuffing, and the long dreaded new wake-up call routine.  Then before we know it the first day of school arrives, a photo is taken and your child races off to their classroom or to their new school area in the house.  In the middle of the back to school chaos we sometimes forget what a gift education really is for our children.  There are so many around the world who do not have the option to go to school.

Dillon has always had a heart and a vision to help children, families, and communities in the countries in which we work.  Working in partnership with Vietnam for over 10 years, Dillon has been able to purchase books, uniforms, and cover tuition for around 400 students each year.  This partnership was created out of a vision that education is planting the seed for future economic growth and working toward family sustainability.  One young woman expressed her thankfulness for the scholarships she received because since her parents died, she has been able to support her siblings.  Dillon continues to pursue the goal of keeping families together and empowering children to reach their full potential.

We have seen huge success with the Vietnam education sponsorship program.  Many students who received a scholarship in this program have gone on to gain their college degrees and promising careers, allowing for each of those graduates to be able to pay for their own children to attend school.  All it takes is for one drop of investment to create a ripple effect of change through generations.

As the new school year begins in Vietnam, we are hoping you will be able partner with us in helping as many children in Vietnam as we can this school year.  The cost to cover one child’s tuition, books, and uniform is $100.  Whether you are able to cover multiple children, one child or partial scholarship of a child, each donation will make a huge impact.