Parent Support and Solutions

At first, the idea of participating in a therapeutic support group may sound intimidating, but many parents are surprised by the positive, helpful experience. When a family faces challenges, parents can be confused and feel alone. Adoptive parent groups fill the gaps for those looking for resources, support and a safe place to talk. Experiences […]

Helping Children and Teens Exposed to Natural Disasters

The floods in Texas, India and Haiti are being covered in the news. I am a volunteer for the Red Cross and through the years I have helped survivors of natural disasters. I am a survivor of a hurricane that damaged our town in China, where we were living. Death and destruction witnessed on television […]

Ready for School?

by Karin Price, LMSW As parents we want our children to be safe. This time of the year ideas for getting ready to go back to school are everywhere. As we prepare for another academic year, let’s remember to prepare our children for the questions and challenges they will face because you are an internationally […]

Holiday Adoption Terminology

It is often during the holiday season when there are frequent signs and promotions to “adopt” a tree, an angel, a family, and so on…..for the Christmas season. This touches upon the giving nature of Christmas when it is a time many of us reflect on the blessings we have received in the past year […]

Attachment—A parent’s biggest fear

I Was Ready to Attach at First Sight, But Then . . .  I think attachment is the Number One fear for adoptive parents. Waiting families often ask themselves, “What if the child we receive has an attachment problem and cannot build a positive relationship with our family?” Many families handle this fear in a […]

What’s Your Motivation for Adopting?

Last month I read an article titled “The 11 Worst Types Of People You Get Stuck Behind In Line At The Grocery Store.” My worst type is the person who needs to know why I adopted my daughter. Needless to say, this type of person was not mentioned in the article. I was asked, “Why did you […]

Special Needs Adoption

By Jamie Huff Here are some words that come to mind when I think of the past year: busy, adjustment, laughter, tired and sweet. One year ago, we arrived home from Hong Kong with our newly adopted daughter, who is now 6 years old.  We named her Lyric Grace, not only because she loves music, but […]