Parent Support and Solutions

At first, the idea of participating in a therapeutic support group may sound intimidating, but many parents are surprised by the positive, helpful experience. When a family faces challenges, parents can be confused and feel alone. Adoptive parent groups fill the gaps for those looking for resources, support and a safe place to talk. Experiences […]

Empowered to Connect Conference – New Tulsa Location

New Tulsa Simulcast Location – Join us at Southern Hills Baptist Church 5590 South Lewis Avenue Tulsa, OK 74105   Empowered To Connect Conference PRESENTED BY SHOW HOPE LIVE SIMULCAST  |  APRIL  7–8,  2017   EQUIPPING FAMILIES, CHURCHES, AND PROFESSIONALS TO BETTER SERVE CHILDREN IMPACTED BY ADOPTION AND FOSTER CARE Featuring Trust-Based Relational Intervention® methods […]

Counseling news

We are very happy to announce that Lisa Wiedenhaupt has completed the Level One Theraplay® training, which qualifies her to do individual and family therapy based on Theraplay principles. Dillon’s counseling services are separate from the adoption unit, and all cases are confidential. We realize that families may not want their adoption social worker to […]

Tackling the tough stuff

Racism. Stereotypes. White privilege. Transracial adoptive families need to be prepared to confront these painful realities. But… “They’re also the hardest to talk about,” said Crystal Hogg, LCSW, adoption coordinator of Dillon’s Arkansas office. “Often, if we feel like it’s something we can’t fix, we just want to avoid it.” The Reflections workshop offered at […]

Birth Family Meeting

Stacey Roy wasn’t looking for a change of pace. Change found her. It was the simple act of answering a phone call that initiated the dizzying series of events that redefined her adoption story. The call came from Jan Dunn, director of Dillon International’s Search Services. She had some big news: Stacey’s birth family—including both […]

Attachment—A parent’s biggest fear

I Was Ready to Attach at First Sight, But Then . . .  I think attachment is the Number One fear for adoptive parents. Waiting families often ask themselves, “What if the child we receive has an attachment problem and cannot build a positive relationship with our family?” Many families handle this fear in a […]

Pre-Teen Time!

Pre-teens have a lot of questions. We want to help them find the answers. This is a time when children who were internationally adopted begin to understand their adoption stories in new and different ways.  They’re also likely to experience an avalanche of questions at school. Dillon International’s Pre-Teen Group offers international adoptees, ages 8 […]