Advocate for Children who Wait

Every child deserves a family. In the 1950’s and 60’s I spend my childhood living in the same complex with 80-100  boys who had been homeless.  This was soon after the Korean War which brought countless deaths, trauma and displacements to so many people.  While the orphanage my parents had won awards for excellence, my […]

Korean Waiting Children

We have just added two new 3 1/2-year-old children from South Korea to our Waiting Child program. We hope you’ll log onto the Waiting Child site to read more about their stories. A Family Information Form is included on each boy’s page for families that would be interested in viewing either child’s file. Because of […]

New Waiting Children

We have a new Waiting Child from the Vietnam program. Since she is older and has some medical concerns, it’s very important that we find her family as soon as possible. If you’ve been considering adopting an older child, we hope you’ll read her profile below. If you would like more information, please fill out […]

3 Girls Need Families

Please meet three precious baby girls in our Vietnam Special Adoption Program who are waiting for families. Thank you for taking a moment to learn about them, pray for them and advocate for them so that their forever families will be found soon. Families from all 50 states may inquire. If you have specific questions, […]

8 children have families

At Dillon, we are serious about finding families for the children who need them. And when it happens, we like to celebrate! Today, we are celebrating that in recent weeks, eight of our Waiting Children have families identified. The families are in various stages of the process, with many of them working on a home […]

Family Information Form

Would you like additional information on one of the children in our Waiting Child program? Please complete this form to receive additional details.

Happy Father’s Day

I am the son of a great man. He loves my mom; he loves my sister; and he loves me. As I write this, my dad is recovering from a stroke and a few other complications that come from being 79 years old. It’s hard to see him looking frail because my dad has always […]

Noble families needed

We have a limited time to find families for these two precious boys—an 18-month-old and a 7-year-old—in our Vietnam Waiting Child program. If you have specific questions, please email our Waiting Child Coordinator. If you would like to request their medical/social files, you can do so by completing the form below. Di2015-v7 Meet a happy […]

Waiting in China

This beautiful 3-year-old boy in our China Waiting Child program needs a family who has access to the medical resources necessary to correct his pulmonary artery stenosis and his right wrist. This adorable, bright boy, whose case number is Di2015-c4, prefers to try to do things for himself and takes great pride in accomplishing a […]

Waiting in Korea

Update: On hold … family pending. Could you be this precious baby boy’s family? This 9-month-old sweetie’s development is on-target and he’s thriving in his foster home. He drinks a bottle every four hours and enjoys rice cereal twice a day. He babbles a lot and can creep on his tummy to retrieve a toy, […]

Miracle Needed

We’re praying a miracle will happen for this sweet 10-year-old boy in our Hong Kong Waiting Child Program before September. Unless his forever family is located by then, that’s when he will make the difficult transition from his foster home to a boarding school. An update we received on him last month indicates that he’s […]

Waiting for a Family

It is our privilege to introduce you to two wonderful boys in our Vietnam Special Adoption Program. Thank you for taking a moment to learn about them and for your prayers and advocacy so that their forever families will be found soon. If you have specific questions, please email our Waiting Child Coordinator. If you […]

China Waiting Child

This sweet 5-year-old boy lives in a foster home in China. He is described as smart, active and polite. He attends kindergarten. He loves physical affection, giving his teacher big hugs and asking to hold her hand as he walks beside her. He tells interesting stories about his home. When his teacher reads stories, he […]

His smile will melt your heart

We wish we could show you this sweet baby’s smile. It’s famous for melting the hearts of everyone he meets! Because of confidentiality requirements we’re unable to show a clear view of his adorable face on our blog, but you’ll be able to see him and learn more about him on our Waiting Child page, […]

Waiting in Colombia

There are currently precious 23 children — including 11 boys and 12 girls — in our Colombia Waiting Child program eagerly awaiting the opportunity to share their hearts and lives with loving families. The children’s ages range from 3 to 16 years old. Some have special needs; some are healthy older children; and some are […]

DHS adoptions bring joy

By Susan Serrano — Would you like to hear an adoption success story? Dillon adoptee Jay Hill will gladly tell you several. Jay, who joined his family at age 4 via adoption from South Korea, was so eager to become an adoptive dad that he and his wife, Susan, began researching adoption while they were still […]

Meet two incredible teens

Most teenagers dream about getting their driver’s license or the latest electronic gadget.  Meet two fantastic 15-year-olds whose one wish in life is to have the loving support of a family to call their own. Tomea is a compassionate girl with a terrific smile who enjoys showing affection with hugs. She has great manners and […]

Ready for a forever family!

This very beautiful and talented girl in our Colombia Waiting Child Program loves to dance and paint! When she isn’t painting masterpieces she is busy doing homework. She is currently in sixth grade; she fell behind in school due to family problems but is working hard to catch up now that she lives in a […]

Older child adoption

I was recently talking with a family who is preparing for their adoption of a 14-year-old girl from Colombia. The mother shared with me that, whenever she tells others that their family is adopting a teen, she gets really strange looks from people. The only word they utter is, “Really?” but the look yells, “Are […]

Grant Available for this child’s adoption

  Move over Picasso! This bright little boy from Colombia likes to analyze the techniques found in paintings. Because of our generous donors, a $1,250 grant is available to assist with his adoption expenses. He’s a healthy, active kid who also loves singing, skateboarding and soccer. This sweet 13-year-old longs to be cherished by a […]