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Fee Schedule-China
China Program Information Sheet

Dillon International began placing children from the People’s Republic of China with U.S. families in 1993. Dillon International participates in the China Centre for Children’s Welfare and Adoption’s special needs program through  access to the CCCWA shared agency list.



  • Boys and girls from 2 – 14 years old at time of arrival home
  • All children will have identified medical and/or developmental needs ranging from minor and/or correctable to significant.
  • Some children 10-13 years old with no identified medical needs are available.


Parents’ Ages

  •  29.5–55 years of age for heterosexual married couples and single heterosexual women.
  • No more than 50 years age difference between younger parent and child.

Length of Marriage 

  • At least 2 years if first marriage
  • At least 2.5 years if second marriage for either spouse
  • At least 4.5 years if third marriage for either spouse
  • No more than two previous marriages per spouse

Children in Family Prior to Adoption

  • No more than 5 children under age 18 living in the home for married couples
  • No more than 2 children under age 18 living in the home for single women
  • Youngest child in home must be at least 2.5 years old


  • All 50 states


  • Applicants taking medication to treat mental health issues (e.g., depression, anxiety) must demonstrate symptoms are mild and well controlled.
  • Must have a body mass index (BMI) less than 40.  For BMI calculator, click here.

Psychological Evaluation

  • Required if there is current or past counseling/therapy, mental health issues (e.g., depression, anxiety) even if symptoms are mild and well controlled, or a history of childhood abuse, substance abuse or significant trauma.


  • For married couples, minimum annual income of $10,000 per family member or dependent, including child to be adopted.
  • For single women, minimum annual income of $20,000 for parent plus $10,000 per child or dependent, including child to be adopted.
  • Have net worth totaling $80,000 for couples and $100,000 for singles.
  • Complete worksheet in Adoption Guide to determine net worth.

Child’s Gender

  • Families may choose gender


  • Two adults (one parent) must travel and make one trip of 14-16 days.


  • Social worker reports due at 1, 6, 12 and 24 months (unless state of residence requires more).
  • Family report due at 3, 4 and 5 years.


  • Application: 2-3 months
  • Home study: 2-3 months
  • USCIS and dossier: 2-3 months
  • Referral: 3-24+ months
  • Child’s arrival: 3-5 months
  • Total timeframe: 12-38+ months

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