Dillon is currently offering Telehealth and Virtual Educational Consulting


We understand that this can be a challenging time for families.  If you are located in the state of Oklahoma, Dillon is able to offer Telehealth counseling services.  We use HIPAA compliant web based platform.  All clients would need internet connection and smart phone/tablet/computer.

For those families/individuals that are searching some educational support on how to support your child through this time of uncertainty or to find resources we are offering virtual educational consulting.  This is available for all individuals regardless of state you reside in. 

For either program please contact us at lisa@dillonadopt.com or 918-748-5603.

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Free 15-minute Resource Assistance

We understand sometimes finding where to start when trying to find services for your family can be difficult.  Especially when it comes to finding adoption competent services.  Dillon would like to help adoptive families find resources in their area.  Our goal is to not have adoptive families feel alone in their journey of doing what is best for their family. 


To set up an initial free 15-minute telephone consultation with one of our adoption professionals, please call (918) 749-4600.

Tulsa Counseling Services

Currently we provide face-to-face counseling in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 


For most adoptees, there are emotional issues and a lifelong impact related to adoption, therefore, we offer additional support through our counseling services. The type and length of counseling will vary depending on each person and what issues are being addressed.


Some families, many years after they have finalized their adoption, have questions or problems that arise with their children that may require the help of adoption professionals. The most common issue for adoptive parents is guidance in responding to an adoptee’s emotional, behavioral, and developmental concerns.


Other issues experienced by adoptees and adoptive parents are:

  • Understanding adoption

  • Identity formation

  • Racial issues

  • Relational challenges


Adult adoptees also experience similar issues. We want to help you navigate your adoption journey by providing available adoption competent counselors.

We are also committed to providing lifelong services to birth family members. It is normal to experience mixed feelings about adoption and have questions about how to communicate with other family members who may be unaware that an adoption took place.

Meet Our Counselor


Lisa Wiedenhaupt, LCSW

Counseling Location:

Dillon International

7335 S. Lewis Ave, Suite 210

Tulsa, OK 74136





Lisa Wiedenhaupt works with both individuals and families.  Prominently, she specializes in working with pre-teen, teen, and young adult age groups to explore identity, trauma, and self-care. She has been doing support groups for teens and pre-teen age group for over 5 years for children who have been adopted.  Traveling to different cities around the US to help give a free space for adolescents to explore emotions, adoption-related topics, and develop friendships with other children who have similar experiences.  She also can work with younger children and parents to work towards bonding through play.  


Lisa utilizes Theraplay® principles, which is a proactive, intensive, relationship focused parent-child treatment model.  She is also a certified Trust Based Relational Intervention ("TBRI") practitioner.  Lisa is approved to utilizes Eye Movement Desenitization and Reprocessing ("EMDR") as a therapy technique. 


A strong believer in working with the whole family, Lisa works with both child and parent to create success within the home.

Lisa currently does not take insurance.  To make sure her services are accessible to all families/individuals who need it she charges $50 per session.