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Heritage Events

Here are some resources that were located for heritage events around the US

African/Caribbean Heritage Camps

Chinese Heritage Camps

India Heritage Camps

Korean Heritage Camps

Destination Korea Camp:  Located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, this camp has been around for many years.  Focusing on celebrating Korean culture, this camp is meant for adoptive families, teen adoptees, and adult adoptees with their families. Click here to learn more about Destination Korea Camp.


If you would like to be added to the Destination Korea Camp mailing list please fill out the online form HERE!


Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families (CO)

KAMP (IA)                                 

Camp Pride Korea (IL)               

Camp Rice (MD)                 

Saejong Camp (MI)                     

Kamp Kimchee (MN)                          

Camp Moon Hwa (MN)

 Camp MujiGae (NY)                    

Camp Moo Gung Hwa (NC)

Korean Culture Camp of Minnesota (MN)

Camp Choson (WI)                                      

Looking to add cultural activities at home?  Here is Dillon's Korea Camp Curriculum for anyone to use!

Vietnamese Heritage Camps

Catalyst Foundation (CA, OH, IL, MN, NY)


Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families (CO)

Camps for All Adoptees

Asian Adoptee Summer Camp (OH)

Camp Clio (CT)                                            

Holt Adoptee Camps (WI, NJ, OR)

Camp Hebron (PA)                

Adoption Family Camp (WA)

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