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Homestudy Services

I am adopting a child through Dillon International but live in another state

If you live in another state, please feel free to visit the Department of State’s website to find an agency in your state. Please be aware that the Department of State website only lists the state where the agency’s main office is located, and some agencies may also have offices in other states. For example, Dillon International is only listed for the state of Oklahoma, but we are also licensed in and able to provide home study and post-placement services in California, Arkansas, Texas, Missouri and Kansas.


Please inform Dillon of the provider you wish to use by indicating your choices on your application and we will begin the process of entering into an agreement with them once your initial application is approved.


Please DO NOT start a home study until your home study provider has entered into an agreement with Dillon and your home study application has been approved.


If you have any questions about finding an agency to conduct your home study, please contact your program director.

I am adopting a child from another agency but would like Dillon International to conduct my home study

Dillon provides home study and post-placement/post-adoption services for those residing within the following states:

  • Oklahoma

  • California

  • Arkansas

  • Texas

  • Missouri

  • Kansas


If you already have selected a placement agency for your adoption but need a local adoption agency to provide your home study and post adoption services in order to complete your adoption process, Dillon offers a home-study-only service.


Dillon’s adoption supervisor oversees all home-study-only clients and can help you with your initial questions about the process and what to expect when utilizing our home study services.  


We know that families often worry that a social worker will be inspecting their house with a white glove. That’s nothing to worry about! While the worker will want to make sure that your home is a safe environment, a home study is really more about your family than your house. A home study means that a social worker visits your home to collect background information about you and your family, assess your understanding of issues related to adoption and assess you motivation for adopting.


To schedule a home study with one of our licensed social workers, email Maren Brose, adoption supervisor, or call 918.749.4600.

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