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Hong Kong S.A.R. Adoption Program

Dillon International was approved to place children from Hong Kong S.A.R. with U.S. families in 2009. Dillon International has been chosen to partner with Mother’s Choice to help find families for children with special needs and older children from Hong Kong S.A.R. Founded in 1987, Mother’s Choice is a loving organization providing crisis pregnancy counseling, foster care, group home care, and specialized daycare for children. Mother’s Choice has its own adoption team that works closely with its partner adoption agencies in the United States and the Social Welfare Department in Hong Kong S.A.R.
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Understanding the children needing families is one of the first steps to understand if the Hong Kong S.A.R. program is right for your family.

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Here are a list of frequently asked questions about Hong Kong S.A.R. adoption process.

Families Communicating Via Video Calls

When deciding if adoption is right for your family, we understand there are a lot of questions.  Scheudle a time to talk to one of our adoption professionals.

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Start your adoption journey by filling out Dillon's FREE application one.

Country Comparison


We understand that trying to choose a program that best fits your family can be overwhelming.  We have created a country comparison chart to help you see all the programs at one time.  We also have the option to start the adoption program without selecting a country program.  

Children in Hong Kong S.A.R. Adoption Program who are in need of a family.

  • Boys and girls from 18 months to 16 years old at time of arrival home

  • Children with complex needs who may require lifelong care and/or supervision

  • Children with moderate to significant medical and/or developmental needs

  • Older school-aged children and teens with no identified medical needs

  • Sibling groups are sometimes available.

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