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Lifetime Support Services

Beautiful Girl

Dillon currently has a search process in place for South Korea.  This includes both foster family visits, Eastern visits, and Birth Family search. 

We offer counseling for anyone who is pursuing a search for birth family in our Tulsa office regardless of country.


Counseling is offered to individuals, families and couples. To set up an initial free 15-minute telephone consultation with one of our adoption professionals, please call (918) 749-4600.


Finding support with others that understand is important at any age.  Not feeling alone, being with others that can relate, and getting education from adoption professionals is all a focus in our support groups.


Finding pride in your child's birth culture is both important for your family and your child.  Our heritage programs are available to support your family into creating connections with your child's birth culture.

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Providing information on different area community events Dillon is hosting for adoptive families!

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