Open Options

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In the past, families have always chosen a country program before they began the adoption process. However, many families weren’t sure which country program was best for them. Plus, they didn’t want to feel committed to one program if a child from another country suddenly stole their heart.

Dillon’s Open Options program was developed so you can have your paperwork ready so that you’ll qualify for a variety of adoption programs.

The goal of Open Options is to help more children find families who are farther along in the adoption process.

On your application, you will be able to choose either a specific country program or Open Options. With Open Options, our social work staff will review your application to determine which programs you qualify for, since guidelines differ for various countries. You’ll be able to begin your home study without committing to a particular country program.

Whether you’ve already selected a country program or you’d like to proceed with Open Options, your first step is to apply online.

If you have questions about the Open Options, please email the program coordinator.

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