2021 Dillon International Heritage Camps Announcement

After a year of uncertainty, we are hopeful, yet cautious as we approach the 2021 camp season. As many of you may know, Dillon typically publishes heritage camp applications in January of each year. Unfortunately, at this point in time, we do not feel we could announce with absolute certainty that camps will be offered in an in-person format this year. We know that the online-only format of camps last year was incredibly difficult for so many families who were unable to spend the dedicated time with other adoptive families that heritage camps provide. We will take this into consideration as much as we possibly can during decision-making.

Please know that our goal is to be transparent and open with families, and to this end, we would like to let you know we will come to a full decision by April 15th. If we are able to come to a decision before then, we will let you know so that you have the most time possible to plan and prepare to attend. You can sign up to receive a monthly camp newsletter here, so that you are sure to be the first to receive news about camps, and we’ll throw in some cultural activity suggestions your family can do together each month.

While Dillon will be faced with making the decision of whether or not we will be able to hold camps in person while upholding our company’s COVID policies, we understand that you will be in the difficult position as parents to decide whether or not attending heritage camps in 2021 will be the right call for your family. We will announce our COVID precaution measures put in place if camps are held in-person camps or details of what the virtual camp format will be like this year so that you are equipped to make the best decision for your children.

If camps are held in-person, we will do our best to ensure the environment meets Dillon’s safety policies regarding COVID-19, including:

· Temperatures taken at the door of camp

· Smaller class sizes

· Readily available hand sanitizer

· Classrooms disinfected at the end of each day

· Reusable water bottles and individually packaged snacks for each camper

If we hold camps virtually, we promise to learn from our first experience with virtual camps last year. We value all of the feedback we received from you, and will revise the online camp platform, including:

· A technology orientation

· More face to face time with friends

· Activities to bring families together in the evenings or weekends

No matter what 2021 holds, we want to assure you Dillon will offer some format of heritage camps. The camp dates will be as follows:

India and Vietnam Camp: June 17-19, 2021


Virtual India and Vietnam Camp: June 17- July 1, 2021*

China Camp: July 8-10, 2021


Virtual China Camp: July 8-22, 2021*

Korea Camp: July 22-24, 2021


Virtual Korea Camp: July 22- August 5, 2021*

*Virtual camps will be stretched over a longer period of time to allow flexibility for families who need to complete activities primarily in the evenings and on weekends.

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