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Certificate of Citizenship

Update: Fee for the N-600 may be increasing by almost $600 beginning in fall 2016. Read the proposal

Depending on your child’s visa classification, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) issued a permanent resident card (green card) or a Certificate of Citizenship document for your child’s arrival in the U.S.

A child who immigrates to the U.S. as the adopted child of a U.S. citizen automatically becomes a U.S. citizen if:

The adoption is full and final before the child’s 18th birthday.The child is admitted as a permanent resident before his/her 18th birthday.The child is residing in the U.S. in the citizen parent’s legal and physical custody.

Why does your child need a Certificate of Citizenship document if he or she is already a citizen?

Your child may need this document to prove citizenship for traveling out of the country, obtaining a driver’s license, enrolling in college, joining the military, etc. It is much more difficult for an adult adopted child to obtain a Certificate of Citizenship than to obtain one for a minor adopted child.Having a U.S. Certificate of Citizenship in your child’s legal English name is very important with increased homeland security standards.The Social Security Administration requires the Certificate of Citizenship in order to list your child as a citizen in its database.The Certificate of Citizenship is the only non-expiring proof of citizenship.

To apply for a Certificate of Citizenship for your child, you will need to submit the N-600, Application for Citizenship document to USCIS.

Click here for the N-600 form, instructions and filing fee information.

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