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Coronavirus Racism

Keeping the communication open between you and your kids during this time is really important. Even with social isolation, that does not mean your child is isolated from coronavirus sparked racism. The media and social media are still very active even when we are in our homes.

Four ways to help your child cope with racist interactions:

  • Don’t tell your kids to ignore the racism. The words that other people say can hurt, even if someone tries to ignore it. Let them vent about it.

  • Ask your child if they have experienced racist comments. Sometimes kids don't know how to bring it up. Start the conversation at home. If you hear something inappropriate on the media, talk about it at home.

  • Educate your child about the coronavirus. Make sure they understand the facts about what is going on to empower them to recognize racist specific comments.

  • Most of all, keep talking! Don't pretend that racism doesn't exist. Talk about the hard things. If you are struggling, call our Lifetime Support Service Department at 918-748-5603.

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