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Korean Language and Culture Program

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Quote from a past participant Rachel Seaton about her experience in the program:

"This trip was honestly the best month of my life. I met amazing people who are now lifelong friends, had delicious food, experienced local living and transportation, cared for the babies at Eastern, and made many memories I will never forget. Having the opportunity to be in my birth country and to learn about the culture and embrace it with fellow adoptees had such a big impact on my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I often look at pictures from the trip and it immediately brings a smile I wish I could go back!!"

For years, Eastern Social Welfare Society has been offering a summer program to assist Korean adoptees in learning Korean language and culture. Through this, their goal is to help adoptees learn through exposure and instill a deeper understanding and pride in their heritage.

Each year a handful of adult adoptees are selected to spend one month in Korea touring Seoul and attending a summer language program at Hallym University. During their time in Seoul, adoptees will be able to volunteer within Eastern's organization, visit local tourist locations, and if desired, meet with their foster family, review their adoption file, and if possible, visit with their birth family. All of this will be under the care of Eastern staff, who have been providing support services to adoptees for many years.

Hallym University is located in Chuncheon, which is about 50 miles northeast from Seoul. During this time participants will be staying in the university dorms. Attending language classes during weekdays, participants will have weekends to do some extra exploring of the area and get a feel for what college life is like in Korea.

More Information on Hallym University:

Spending a month in Korea can be an emotional and exciting experience. All participants within this program are Korean adoptees from all over the world. Eastern decided by bringing adoptees together, participants would be able to gain support from others who might have a greater understanding of what they are feeling.

Eligibility Requirements

· Any Korean adoptee that desires to learn Korean language and culture

· Must be over 18 years old

· Must have a minimum of a high school diploma

· Eastern adoptees will have first priority to be selected and first time applicants as well.

· Be able to travel alone (family members are not permitted in the program)

· Adoptees must be faithful in attending class without dropping out

· Adoptees must fund international airfare, extra meals, and desired souvenirs

Term Period

· Arrival dates: June 24(Mon) and June 25 (Tues), 2019

· Departure dates: July 25 (Thu) and July 26 (Fri), 2019

Korean Language and Culture Program at Hallym University:

· July 1(Mon), 2019 ~ July 19(Fri), 2019

ESWS Program:

· June 26(Wed), 2019 ~ June 28(Fri), 2019

· July 19(Fri), 2019 ~ July 24(Wed) 2019

Scholarships and other expenses supported by ESWS:

· Hallym Program: tuition, accommodation(dormitory), meals(partially)

· ESWS Program: accommodation(ESWS guesthouse), meals(partially)

· (EXCLUDING the round airfare and personal expenses such as some meals, transportation)

Application Documentation:

1. Application

2. 1 self-introductory essay (describing how to adapt to cultural differences)

3. 3 self-photos (size: 4 X 5 cm or passport photo)

4. 1 letter of recommendation from the adoption agency

5. Copy of either the final Graduation Diploma or Certificate of Student ID

6. Copy of passport

7. Medical report issued within the past 1 year (including hepatitis & tuberculosis)

All applications must be submitted to Dillon International by Friday, May 10th so they are able to be delivered to Eastern by application deadline.

· Mailing Application: 7335 S. Lewis Ave, Suite 204, Tulsa, OK 74114

· Email: for any questions at all.

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