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Mother's Day

Today we want to stop and honor all the women around the world who have played a part in a child’s life. Mother’s Day is a day we get to honor our own mothers, women who have helped raise us, and wonder about the mothers who we may not know. This day for so many is filled with joy, longing, sorrow, and memories. As we look today to all the strong women in our lives, we want to take time to honor each one.

To the mothers that raised us. You have taught us how to handle life’s challenges, sat with us when we needed a life partner, challenged us when we made bad choices, and chose to love us each day no matter the circumstances. Your sacrifice has made us who we are today. We stop today to thank you. For some this day is filled with a mix of sorrow and love, as your mother is no longer here but will always be in your memories. For others we feel honored to call you, hug you, or say I love you on a day that is meant to honor you!

To the mothers we honor in our heart. We may not know what you look like, what your voice sounds like, or where you are now, but we do think of you on this day. Mother’s Day can be filled with mixed emotions as we think about how you might feel today, are you thinking about me, and what is your life like now. This day is filled with questions that may not have an answer and love for someone we don’t even know.

To the mothers who may not be with their child but still remember the child who they carried in their womb. We honor you for your hard choice and sacrifice. Your choice allowed for your child to have other opportunities that might not have been possible. Today might be a hard day as you wonder about the child you are not with but still think about often. We stand with you.

To the women who helped raise us. Now we may never have called you mom but that does not mean you didn’t change our lives. You may go by aunt, friend, or mentor, but today you are honored for your role in joining our village to raise a child. Thank you for being the safe women in our lives, teaching and loving us through so many different life events.

To the mother in waiting, you are a mother. You may not be able to hug your child in your arms or have dinner to celebrate Mother’s Day all together yet, but you are a mother. You are praying for your child, making plans in your life for when your child is with you, and you are preparing for the day you live with your child. All things that all mothers do to love their child.

Today may be a hard day, knowing that you are not able to be with your child that you may have met or may be dreaming of. We want to honor you as you wait in this journey to meeting your child.

As women today, give honor to all the different mothers and women in our lives. This day is filled with so many emotions for so many people. Sit with friends who have lost their mothers, celebrate mothers who have raised a child through good and bad days, share the love with women in our lives that helped us create a village of adults, give time to those honoring or questioning the birth mothers they may or may not know, and validate the mother in waiting that today is also for her.

The word mother has many different meanings with many different journeys. So today is for you all who together have defined the complex idea of being a mother.

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