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Talking to Your kids About the Coronavirus

We know that this is a time full of uncertainty and anxiety throughout the world. For children who might already struggle with anxiety and fear of the unknown, these weeks and months will be very difficult for them. Uncertainty and lack of control can be even harder for children who have been adopted. Seeing so many things out of control might trigger lack of control in other areas of their life.

Keeping the communication open between you and your kids during this time is really important. Let your children vocalize how they are struggling. Teens could be grieving because they are not seeing their friends on a daily basis. Younger children with changes in schedules and being “quarantined” can be overwhelmed with confusion. Some children are living in a state of panic as they hear the news and see adults living in great uncertainty. Whatever it may be, give each family member time to grieve what they cannot control. Talk about it as a family and give empathy for each individual’s struggle.

Below is a link to some great PDF’s that help you explore talking to your children about the Coronavirus. At Dillon, we are here for you. If you are struggling call our Lifetime Support Service Department at 918-748-5603. We want to support each of you, whether you adopted through Dillon or another agency.

Helpful Coronavirus Information

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