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The Moment Our Lives Changed

Our lives forever changed on the evening of January 1, 1974 when we traveled to JFK Airport to become a family when our precious daughter arrived from Seoul. We had struggled for years to start a family and then we found The David Livingstone Missionary Foundation (Dillon International) and began the adoption process. We were so fortunate to have been one of the first families to apply to the newly formed adoption program and our daughter arrived on one of the first flights. As always, it was a process that was fraught with incredible highs and devastating lows but Deniese Dillon was always there to bolster our spirits and guide us through it all. She never let us give up hope. Our beautiful daughter is now 49. One month after she arrived I became pregnant and gave birth to her sister Stacey in November 1974. They share an incredible bond being only 20 months apart in age. They love and fight like all sisters do.

Our girls have been the joy of our lives. Our daughter was sensitive and artistic as a child. She was a great student and was surrounded by many friends. She was able to attend an excellent local prep school and then attended Syracuse University majoring in Communications Design. She has had an interesting and fulfilling career including positions at WGBH in Boston, Tiffany in NYC, and RéVive Skincare in NYC. We are so proud of her commitment to all human rights, animal rights, saving the Earth from climate change, and is a vegetarian. She shares her life with her husband, of 11 years, her rescue chihuahua, Zoe and kitty, Baxter. I wish we could be there in person to celebrate the 50th anniversary but hope that you all enjoy hearing about one of your first babies to arrive. Our story is truly a story of love and the creation of a beautiful family through Dillon. There are not enough words of gratitude for all you did for our family. Thank you for making our dreams come true and may you continue your mission for many years to come.

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