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Welcome Letter from New Executive Director

I am beyond excited and thrilled to have the honor of being the Executive Director for Dillon International. Dillon has been a part of my life for many years, and just not as an employee.

When I was a young girl, my family used to come to Tulsa for our summer vacations. There were usually a few activities that were a guarantee to occur. One was going to Bell’s Amusement Park, which was all about riding the log ride, the zingo roller coaster, the haunted house as well as a little bit of cotton candy! The second activity was seeing the play “Oklahoma”, which would always make me wish I had a horse and to be a future “cowgirl”. The third activity was going to the Tulsa International Airport with my aunt and uncle who happened to be the founders of Dillon. We would wait at the gate as adoptive parents were eagerly awaiting their precious child to be placed in their arms. (This was before parents traveled to receive their child.) Everyone would be laughing and crying and I remember thinking “I want to be a part of something like this someday”. Not because of the laughter of anticipation and tears of joy, but even at an early age, I knew I wanted to be a part of something impactful and transformational. It also planted a seed early on that I, too, would want to adopt a child internationally.

I was drawn to social work as a major in college and loved the pathways it carved out for me as I felt God's calling to work with people in a capacity that would improve and fulfill their lives. I never dreamed I would actually do my practicum at Dillon or end up working there as a case manager and program director for 20 years. To be at the front end of opening work in another country was beyond my wildest dreams and then having the privilege of adopting my precious daughter, Kylea, from India continues to be one of my most treasured life experiences.

Upon moving to Dallas, my experiences as a state director gave me additional skills that I feel will be so valuable as we move forward in expanding our work at Dillon. Domestic adoption and foster care have been an area of service long-desired by the founders and the board of directors. I look forward to exploring how Dillon can continue to serve internationally while also improving the lives of children born in this country.

I would ask that people who have supported this important effort will continue to give support monetarily and with fervent prayers to this important work.


Jynger Pleasant, MSW

Executive Director

Dillon International

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