Pre-teen/Teen Groups

_DSC0377Dillon International wants to be the lifetime adoption resource for families and adoptees.

Many adoptees attend our heritage camps, but we have seen a need for more personalized groups for pre-teen/teens in the 8- to 17-year-old range.

That is why we have started offering Pre-Teen and Teen Groups. These groups discuss bullying, culture, loss and grief, the reasons why birth families may have made an adoption plan, and how to handle difficult or insensitive questions at school.

Most of all, these groups are meant to be fun and a safe, welcoming environment for pre-teens/teens who are discovering their individuality.  Each group will be lead by an adoption professional, with the right experience to handle each group’s needs.

All adoptees between 8 and 17 are welcome, including international adoptees adopted through other agencies, and domestic adoptees, either adopted through a private or through the foster care system.

We have found that no matter where adoptees were born, they may have similar stories to share.

We hope you’ll allow your adolescent to join us for these life-changing groups.

Current cities that are hosting pre-teen groups in 2018:

Kansas City Teen and Pre-teen Groups
Little Rock Teen and Pre-teen Groups
St.Louis Pre-Teen Support Group
Tulsa Pre-Teen Support Group
Tulsa Teen Support Group

Want a pre-teen/teen group in your area? 

If you are interested in getting a pre-teen group in your area we are looking for volunteer area leaders.  These individuals will assist Dillon in finding a facility and doing on site things that we are not able to do from Tulsa.  To learn more about this and get a group in your area please fill out the contact request form below: