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What Does a Standard Conclusion Include?

It usually contains a set of minimum elements. Let's go over them. The personal contribution of the dissertation student to the course of the research work. This paragraph specifies the participation of the author of the work in the development of theoretical provisions, various methods, algorithms, etc. Also, confirmation of the applicant’s personal participation in setting up experiments and experiments, collecting results, etc. is also immediately given. The results are also prescribed. True, without specifying the novelty.

The reliability of the results obtained. It indicates how accurate the results of the research were, whether or not there were errors in the calculations, how much the theoretical and practical research turned out to be consistent, and so on. Then, novelty. In this case, novelty is prescribed for each individual result that was obtained during the study. It is also worth pointing out how exactly these results differ from those that were obtained earlier.

Practical significance is indicated how exactly these results can be introduced into the environment, as well as how significant they are for practical application in a particular technical, working or cultural industry. The value of the scientific works of the applicant: here you can indicate those grants or patents for inventions that were received by the author of the dissertation. And also write in which scientific seminars and conferences the graduate student or doctoral student participated.

Completeness of presentation of the results of dissertation research in scientific periodicals. In the last paragraph, a description is given of those scientific works of the applicant that have already been published. Here is their volume, as well as the personal contribution of a graduate student or dissertation candidate. In addition, it is assessed how fully the research materials are reflected in the cited publications.

After the discussion of the work at the department is considered completed, a special extract from the minutes of the meeting is drawn up. Reviews of reviewers, as well as the conclusion itself, signed by the head of the department, should be attached to it.

Obtaining a negative opinion from the department

In fact, such a combination of circumstances cannot be called rare, since often, before getting into the dissertation council, research work passes through a kind of sieve, and not just once. Therefore, if received negative reviews from your colleagues or several serious comments, then do not rush to be offended at once by the whole wide world, but rather think about how this criticism can be useful for you now?

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