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Vietnam Adoption Program

Dillon International has a long tradition of serving the children of Vietnam, both through adoption and humanitarian aid. Since 2000, Dillon International has raised money to support surgeries, orphanage improvements, and education scholarships. The Vietnam Department of Adoption re-opened the program for U.S. families in 2014 after a temporary closure. Dillon International is one of only three American agencies approved to work in Vietnam.  Dillon representatives in Vietnam help facilitate the adoption process.

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Understanding the children needing families is one of the first steps to understand if the Vietnam program is right for your family.

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Here are a list of frequently asked questions about Vietnam's adoption process.

Families Communicating Via Video Calls

When deciding if adoption is right for your family, we understand there are a lot of questions.  Scheudle a time to talk to one of our adoption professionals.

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Start your adoption journey by filling out Dillon's FREE application one.

Country Comparison


We understand that trying to choose a program that best fits your family can be overwhelming.  We have created a country comparison chart to help you see all the programs at one time.  We also have the option to start the adoption program without selecting a country program.  

Children in Vietnam Adoption Program who are in need of a family.

  • Boys and girls 20 months to 16 years old at time of arrival home

  • Children with identified medical and/or developmental needs ranging from moderate to significant

  • Children older than 5 years with no identified special needs.

  • Sibling groups are infrequently available.

  • Limited number of children under 5 years with minor and/or correctable medical and developmental needs. Dillon may temporarily place a hold on accepting new applications for children in this category.

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