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Vietnam Education Program

How To Help


Monthly Donor


Sponsor one child for one year by making a monthly donation of $10.00


Educational Semester


Sponsor one child for one semester of school


Educational Year


Sponsor one child for one year of school


Educational Group Sponsorship


Sponsor a group of five students for one educational year

Help Dillon International Change Lives Through Education

At the beginning of every school year, vulnerable children and families throughout Vietnam face approximately $120 in fees per student to attend school.  For vulnerable children and families living in poverty, the cost of education is often too steep to pay.  Dillon International continues to fund an education program that removes financial barriers and allows vulnerable children and children of low-income families the ability to attend school. Your donation will help a child receive what we think of as a basic right - an education.  An education that will enable those children to lead a more productive life and give them the opportunity to enrich not only their own lives but the lives of others in their community.

Hear From The Students

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