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Ways to Give

Where Most Needed

Dillon needs the help of donations to keep doing the incredible  work of advocating for children.


Recurring Donation

Through our secure donation system you are able set up a recurring donation.  Making your impact monthly, so that you don't have to worry about setting up a payment every month.

Humanitarian Aid

Keeping families together and serving children who are not able to be adopted has always been a huge part of Dillon's vision.  Help us create sustainability for children worldwide.


Giving the gift of time can sometimes mean more than money.  Dillon's post adoption events are predominately run by volunteers.  Currently we have office administration, event booth attendant, heritage camp leaders, and craft preparation volunteer positions open.  All volunteers are required to fill out a background check.

Where Most Needed

Where Most Needed

Dillon International depends on donations to help serve those touched by adoption, help advocate for children in need, and humanitarian aid

Recurring Gift



With your help, we can make a difference in the lives of so many children and families.  To make sure that you are able to give on a regular basis, we offer the convenience of recurring donations.

Humanitarian Aid


For orphans and families living in poverty the cost of education is is often too steep to pay.  Dillon International continues to fund an education program that removes financial barriers and allow orphans and children of low income families the ability to attend school.  


Dillon International works with Eastern Social Welfare Society to help provide for the needs of orphans and children living with special needs.  Many of these children are not eligible for adoption due to their legal status but they still need supplies to survive and thrive. 




Volunteer with Us!

The gift of time is something that Dillon values.  With not a huge staff, Dillon leans on their generous volunteers to keep the vision going.  Some of our volunteer opportunities are office filing, craft prep for events, fundraising events, and our post adoption camps.  

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