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Movie Room
Paddle Boating Swimming

Small group discussions

Cooking Classes


What this event offers:



To understand more about this event feel free to read through our Mission and Expectations list for the retreat.

Discovery Days

Teen Retreat

Discovery Days is a place for teen adoptees to come together and share their insights and feelings regarding adoption and its impact on their lives.

It is also a great place for teens to make new friends, build self-confidence, and ask questions while seeking answers in a welcoming atmosphere.


July 23-26, 2023

Drop-Off:  Sunday at 4:00 PM

Pick-Up:  Wednesday at 8:00 AM



Tulsa, OK 

Who is Invited?

Interracial or International Adoptees between the ages of 12 (by August 1, 2023) to 12th grade completed

Cost per Camper

The cost is $375 per participant.

Camp Volunteers

Counselors! Counselors are enthusiastic adults. All camp counselors go through an application process and background checks before they are accepted. They are trained and many have been counselors in past years.


We are here to serve you. Email LSS Staff or call us at 918-749-4600.

Retreat is Currently FULL

July 23-26, 2023!

Registrations Open Feb. 2023


About the Location

This year the group will be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma at a large residence for retreats.  Each participant will be staying in a room with a counselor.  The teens will need to bring a sleeping bag and pillows to sleep on the carpeted floor.  


There will be an outdoor pool, movie room, paddleboat on a pond, basketball court, and large kitchen for cultural cooking classes.  In the morning the teens will have the chance to participate in breakout sessions to talk about adoption-related topics and then team building activities in the afternoon for bonding.


The location will be sent to all registered participants' families.  The house is located within the Tulsa area.


Why Attend Discovery Days

Being a teenager brings its own set of excitement and challenges.  One thing we understand about teens is that it takes a village to raise and support them.  Discovery Days were created to help expand that village into a place where teens who have been adopted can come and get support from other teens who understand more of what they are going through.


For three days, teens who have been adopted get to be reminded that they are not alone.  There are other teens who understand what they are feeling, experiencing, and have similar stories.  There are others who have similar family structures and have multi-cultural experiences.  This is a safe place for teens to grow and connect.

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