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    Limited time to find a family

    This little boy needs a family, and we have a limited time to help him! This toddler did not just stop at mere cuteness: He’s smart and sweet, too! Abandoned at birth, this shy, affectionate 2-year-old has grown up in an orphanage in China and longs for a family to call his own. An early […]

  • hong kong blur

    Waiting Child Spotlight

    A precious and clever 9-year-old boy in Dillon International’s Hong Kong program is awaiting a forever family. He is fluent in Cantonese and can also hold conversations — and count to 50 — in English. Video is available of this expressive child, who loves to sing and play with his fellow students. His foster family […]

  • bigsmile

    My Favorite Smiles

    The email inboxes here at Dillon International are blessed with many photos of smiling faces. Photos of families celebrating their child’s arrival home. Photos of holidays, birthdays and graduations. Photos sent to say “hello” or “look how he’s grown!” We treasure these pictures and the beautiful stories behind every single one. But every now and then, […]

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    These adorable boys are waiting for families

    We have a limited time to help four lovable boys from China find forever families. These precious children currently live in orphanages in Guangdong province, and these orphanages work with Dillon as part of the China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption’s one-to-one program. Please take a moment to meet them and register on our […]

  • older child adopt

    Preparing to Adopt an Older Child

      A loving heart is a key ingredient in the recipe for a happy family, but it won’t be enough, experts say. “If love was enough, a 10-year-old could raise kids. What 10-year-old girl doesn’t LOVE a baby?” said Kimberly Alls, Dillon International’s Waiting Child Coordinator. “Love just isn’t enough. You have to have parenting […]

  • camp volunteer

    Every Hand Helps: Volunteering at Heritage Camp

    What’s the secret to a successful heritage camp? A small army of volunteers! Dillon could not provide top-notch heritage camps without the awesome team of volunteers who step forward to help us keep things safe and fun for the children. At some of our larger camps, we have approximately 90 volunteers and about 30 at […]

  • anna special olympics

    The Ups and Downs of Special-Needs Adoption

    It has been more than 10 years since Anna, our daughter with special needs, came home from her birth country of South Korea at the age of 10 months. Anna suffered from chronic pneumonia since birth and developmental delays. We thought if we could just get her healthy that she would catch up developmentally, but […]

  • hosting

    Empty Space Full of Grace

    Are you a Dallas-area family who would enjoy hosting a child from Colombia? We are currently recruiting families for the July 2014 program. Find out more here. For three weeks in December, seven incredible children from Colombia had the opportunity to experience the Christmas holiday season with host families in Texas. The children got a […]

  • joy of sons from korea

    The Joy of Sons from Korea

    Adoption was part of Jayna Shepherd’s life from Day One. “I grew up in a family of 10 siblings. Eight were adopted from various countries: Vietnam, Korea, Romania, Guatemala, and the USA,” Shepherd explained. “My sister who was closest to me was a Dillon International Korea adoptee, and I knew one day I would adopt […]

  • india family

    India Program Reopens

    The Cartright family has found special blessings from special needs adoption in India. Now the program is reopen to family applications. In the Werre household, Daya’s the girlie-girl. She’s calm, creative and passionate about pink. Her sister Shaili’s just the opposite: feisty, outgoing, ever-ready with her hilarious sense of humor. Their younger brother Ajay is […]

  • haiti6

    Haitian Children Await the Miracle of Family

    Adopting from Haiti is still an option. We understand how this fact may get lost among news of various struggles. However, adoptions are moving forward and children need families. We currently have the opportunity to find families for several boys and girls, ages 4-10, who are in the care of the Foundation for the Children […]

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