• williams boys

    He’s worth the wait!

    When we began our second adoption from South Korea, we expected things to progress as quickly and smoothly as they did with the adoption of our first son in 2008. We only waited three months to bring our first son home and because he was only 8 months old at the time, his transition was […]

  • jyngercoaching1


    Dillon has just launched a new Coaching program as part of our Clinical Services. Many parents want some extra tools to help them help their child with better discipline, routines or boundaries. Whatever your situation, Dillon International’s coaching program may be able to help. We can even help a family before their adopted child comes […]

  • bubbles

    Counseling news

    We are very happy to announce that Lisa Leung has completed the Level One Theraplay® training, which qualifies her to do individual and family therapy based on Theraplay principles. Dillon’s counseling services are separate from the adoption unit, and all cases are confidential. We realize that families may not want their adoption social worker to […]

  • laura mom and jamie

    Reflecting on Mom

    Mother’s Day: Twenty-four hours of honoring the woman who helped us through thick and thin. For adoptees and adoptive mothers, this day can be bittersweet. Growing up, I had always been questioning who my biological mother is. Since I could comprehend what adoption was, my mom has always been very open to talking out my […]

  • golf tee

    Austin’s golf tournament

    Since 2012, Austin Evans has been hosting a benefit pancake breakfast to assist with Dillon International’s scholarship program in Vietnam. This year, he has even bigger plans to raise funds: a golf tournament in his hometown of Edmond, Okla. Austin joined the Evans family in 2007 and is now 12 years old. “We wanted him […]

  • india tour

    See India with us!

    I am so excited to be going on the tour this December and taking my daughter on her first trip back to India! My first trip to India was when I was 19 years old, and I traveled with a missions group to south India. That trip and India impacted me in a way that […]

  • train

    Korean Waiting Children

    We have just added two new 3 1/2-year-old children from South Korea to our Waiting Child program. We hope you’ll log onto the Waiting Child site to read more about their stories. A Family Information Form is included on each boy’s page for families that would be interested in viewing either child’s file. Because of […]

  • haiti beach1

    Vision trip to Haiti

    Why go on a vision trip to Haiti? “Because it’ll change your life. It changed my life,” said Lisa Leung, Dillon International’s post-adoption service coordinator. “It will really change how you see the world. You get to be a small part of a really big vision.” This fall, families, individuals and groups can participate in […]

  • india

    Tour India with Jynger!

    I’ve traveled to India about 15 times since I’ve been a social worker at Dillon International, but I’ve never been as excited about a trip as I am about the birthland tour with my daughter this winter. In the past, all my trips have been to visit our partner orphanages, attend conferences, and to receive […]

  • support group

    Teen Support Group

    Dillon recognizes that adoption brings with it many lifelong issues and challenges. Especially during the teen years, adoptees want a chance to share their feelings and experiences with other adoptees. That is why Dillon is starting a teen support group, which will meet from 6 to 8 p.m. on the last Friday of each month. […]

  • jr high camp

    Junior high opportunity

    Many parents and students have had questions about the new Jr. High Program. We are excited for this new program, as we have heard time and again on surveys from past campers, teachers, and parents that sometimes junior high students are not always ready or wanting to be a teen counselor yet. They still would […]

  • bushman

    Haiti reopens!

    Dillon has exciting news about the Haiti adoption program. It is reopening as of Jan. 15, and we hope that many children will continue to find families through this program. Dillon International has been placing children from Haiti with loving families since 1991. In 2014, as Haiti undertook the immense task of implementing Hague Convention […]

  • bshmn

    Haiti success story

    Q&A WITH LISA BUSHMAN Tell a little bit about your adoption journey. I’m a single mom who became involved with adoption following becoming a foster parent in 2001. My first three children were adopted through foster care. My 11-year-old came first at three days old and was adopted at age 2. My 14-year-old came next […]

  • hong kong slide

    Welcome home!

    Welcome home to some of our recent arrivals, who came home to their forever families in the last few months. Daily Family 1. Grayson Daily, son of Paul and Becky Daily of Texas (China) 1a. Family Selfie: Grayson Daily in the arms of his mom, Becky, along with his brothers and dad, Paul 1b: Grayson […]

  • Haiti Blog 3

    Learning from Haiti

    Learning from others across the globe has always been a passion of mine. Understanding how others solve problems, empower people and serve is something that I have enjoyed when traveling. I find that learning from others is how we make our own communities stronger. Whether those communities are within our families, our neighborhood, or our […]

  • summer webinars2


    Our webinar will give you an overview of intercountry adoption. Each session lasts one hour and offers general information about the adoption process, programs we offer, needs of the children we serve, and requirements for families looking to adopt. This meeting is appropriate for anyone contemplating adoption, whether you’re just getting started or if you’re […]

  • taj web

    Exciting India news!

    We have great news from the India adoption program. The changes amount to a more predictable process for all families and special consideration for Non-Resident Indian families. The new guidelines became effective August 1. Since the 2011 Indian adoption guidelines, there has been slow progress in finding families for children, so the Indian Central Authority […]

  • julie1

    Birth search success

    It all started last summer with a craving for Korean food. That’s when Dillon adoptee Julie Evans dropped by an Asian eatery in Detroit and the Korean owner inquired about her heritage. Soon, she was sharing her story: How she, too, was Korean-born and had joined her adoptive family in rural Michigan at 5 months […]

  • tiffany vivian

    Adoption Guide

    If you’re considering adoption, the Adoption Guide is the place to start. It contains country program information, family requirements and our agency policies. The latest version has just been uploaded, so we hope you’ll find the answers to many of your questions. Also, we encourage anyone thinking about adoption to attend one of our one-hour […]

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