• JonesFamilya

    A Beautiful New Normal

    The night before we were set to get on a plane from Houston, Texas to Beijing, China I was filled with a deep sense of mourning. I know that is probably not the first sentence you were expecting to read on a post about adoption. It was the emotion no one told me about; the […]

  • maren b

    Celebrating Maren!

    Today we are celebrating the 20th work anniversary of Maren Brose, Dillon International’s adoption supervisor. If you’re a current Dillon family or are thinking about adopting, Maren is the one who will review your home study and supervise the social worker in charge of your case. Over the years, she has seen 2,468 children come […]

  • hong kong slide

    Welcome home!

    Welcome home to some of our recent arrivals, who came home to their forever families in the last few months. Daily Family 1. Grayson Daily, son of Paul and Becky Daily of Texas (China) 1a. Family Selfie: Grayson Daily in the arms of his mom, Becky, along with his brothers and dad, Paul 1b: Grayson […]

  • grads

    How far they’ve come!

    Then and now: Benjamin Adams, Korea, and Emily Wright, China Dillon International wishes to recognize our 2015 graduates. Congratulations, and we are so proud of all of you! 1. Benjamin Adams, Stony Point High School, Round Rock, Texas. Adopted from Korea. 2. Nathan Cook, Rejoice High School, Owasso, Okla. Adopted from Korea. 3. Noah Cottrill, […]

  • Haiti Blog 3

    Learning from Haiti

    Learning from others across the globe has always been a passion of mine. Understanding how others solve problems, empower people and serve is something that I have enjoyed when traveling on mission trips. I find that learning from others is how we make our own communities stronger. Whether those communities are within our families, our […]

  • raking leaves

    10 ways to help an adoptive family

    You’ve finally done it! You’ve started the adoption process. You’re so excited to announce your joyous news to family and friends. “How can we help?” they’ll ask. You have great friends, awesome in-laws, caring cousins….who may have no clue where to begin without a few specific ideas from you. Here are some suggestions you may […]

  • FFweb2

    Meet your match!

    We are excited announce the Forever Family Campaign – our new matching grant campaign. One of Dillon’s treasured families has agreed to match your donation, up to $150,000, made by December 31. Your contribution will be matched dollar for dollar through this matching grant. This campaign will help Dillon bring more children home and make more […]

  • lapolla

    Calling grandparents!

    All Aboard! Dillon’s tours are not just for kids and parents. Grandparents are very welcome, too! We know. We did it. What did we think? Read on. Ten years ago our grandson arrived in the U.S. from Korea. Our son and his wife adopted him as an infant through Dillon. We had only a limited […]

  • dillon cover

    Dillons’ 50th anniversary

    Give in Honor of the Dillons We hope you’ll make a tax-deductible gift in honor of the Dillons’ 50th wedding anniversary. Through the end of the year, a generous Dillon family has agreed to match all donations up to $150,000 through the Forever Family Matching Campaign. Let us know you’d like your gift matched on […]

  • Aug2015boys in vietnam

    Waiting in Vietnam

    A child’s birthday shouldn’t be a special need, but sadly, that is the case for four bright, healthy, “older” boys in our Vietnam Waiting Child program. Each child longs to be part of a family who will support them unconditionally and help them achieve their dreams. To request the medical/social file of any of these […]

  • fall webinars


    Our webinar will give you an overview of intercountry adoption. Each session lasts one hour and offers general information about the adoption process, programs we offer, needs of the children we serve, and requirements for families looking to adopt. This meeting is appropriate for anyone contemplating adoption, whether you’re just getting started or if you’re […]

  • taj web

    Exciting India news!

    We have great news from the India adoption program. The changes amount to a more predictable process for all families and special consideration for Non-Resident Indian families. The new guidelines became effective August 1. Since the 2011 Indian adoption guidelines, there has been slow progress in finding families for children, so the Indian Central Authority […]

  • guatemala web

    Birthland tours

    Join us on our fall birthland adventures in Guatemala. By Susan Serrano Should your family go on a birthland tour? Yes. Absolutely. But answers to the questions “Are we ready?” and “How do we get ready?” are a bit more complex. As with any great adventure, there are many factors to consider as you prepare for […]

  • julie1

    Birth search success

    It all started last summer with a craving for Korean food. That’s when Dillon adoptee Julie Evans dropped by an Asian eatery in Detroit and the Korean owner inquired about her heritage. Soon, she was sharing her story: How she, too, was Korean-born and had joined her adoptive family in rural Michigan at 5 months […]

  • borrego

    Welcome home!

    Welcome home to all of our recent arrivals, who came home to their forever families in the last few months. 1)Brian and Jennifer Batchelor of Arkansas with their son Christopher (Korea) 2)Caleb and Brooke Lewis of Arkansas with their son Samuel (Korea) 3)Emma, daughter of Chris and Amalia Gill of California (Korea) 3a) Emma Gill […]

  • tiffany vivian

    Adoption Guide

    If you’re considering adoption, the Adoption Guide is the place to start. It contains country program information, family requirements and our agency policies. The latest version has just been uploaded, so we hope you’ll find the answers to many of your questions. Also, we encourage anyone thinking about adoption to attend one of our one-hour […]

  • joy family1

    Our sons from China

    By Liberty Joy Our family prayerfully began the process of adopting a child from China through Dillon in the summer of 2012. Our social worker urged us to be open to a child of either gender. We agreed, and our homestudy approved us for a either a boy or a girl. Like many other families, […]

  • vietnam web cover

    Exciting Vietnam news!

    Dillon International has been named—in announcements by the U.S. Department of State and by the Ministry of Justice’s Department of Adoptions in Vietnam—as one of two U.S. agencies selected to place waiting children from Vietnam with adoptive families in the United States. The decision allows Dillon to offer an intercountry adoption program to find families for orphaned children […]

  • hill children

    DHS adoptions bring joy

    By Susan Serrano — Would you like to hear an adoption success story? Dillon adoptee Jay Hill will gladly tell you several. Jay, who joined his family at age 4 via adoption from South Korea, was so eager to become an adoptive dad that he and his wife, Susan, began researching adoption while they were still […]

  • NeverTooLate

    Older child adoption

    I was recently talking with a family who is preparing for their adoption of a 14-year-old girl from Colombia. The mother shared with me that, whenever she tells others that their family is adopting a teen, she gets really strange looks from people. The only word they utter is, “Really?” but the look yells, “Are […]

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