• kids in striped shirts

    Am I seeing double?

    At Dillon International, we’re all seeing double, especially when it comes to your donation. Now through December 31, all donations will be matched by the Anne & Henry Zarrow Foundation. The foundation will match every gift made—up to $150,000—before year’s end. “The generosity of the Anne & Henry Zarrow Foundation will help us continue to […]

  • hill children

    DHS adoptions bring joy

    By Susan Serrano — Would you like to hear an adoption success story? Dillon adoptee Jay Hill will gladly tell you several. Jay, who joined his family at age 4 via adoption from South Korea, was so eager to become an adoptive dad that he and his wife, Susan, began researching adoption while they were still […]

  • korea camp counselor

    Mentors come to camp

    I was just minutes away from what was to be the most intense and emotional experience of my life. I remember riding the escalator to the lobby floor of the Korean train station emotionless and detached from the situation. The state of calm ended abruptly, however, as five tiny Korean women bombarded me before I […]

  • Enrique,Tomea for website

    Meet two incredible teens

    Most teenagers dream about getting their driver’s license or the latest electronic gadget.  Meet two fantastic 15-year-olds whose one wish in life is to have the loving support of a family to call their own. Tomea is a compassionate girl with a terrific smile who enjoys showing affection with hugs. She has great manners and […]

  • di2014-cb35 for blog

    Ready for a forever family!

    This very beautiful and talented girl in our Colombia Waiting Child Program loves to dance and paint! When she isn’t painting masterpieces she is busy doing homework. She is currently in sixth grade; she fell behind in school due to family problems but is working hard to catch up now that she lives in a […]

  • motivation 2

    What’s Your Motivation for Adopting?

    Last month I read an article titled “The 11 Worst Types Of People You Get Stuck Behind In Line At The Grocery Store.” My worst type is the person who needs to know why I adopted my daughter. Needless to say, this type of person was not mentioned in the article. I was asked, “Why did you […]

  • NeverTooLate

    For an older child, it’s never too late

    I was recently talking with a family who is preparing for their adoption of a 14-year-old girl from Colombia. The mother shared with me that, whenever she tells others that their family is adopting a teen, she gets really strange looks from people. The only word they utter is, “Really?” but the look yells, “Are […]

  • new grants added54

    New grants added for Waiting Children

    Adopting a child through Dillon International’s Waiting Child program just got easier. Through donor support, Dillon has added grants of $1,000 to $2,000 toward the adoption of selected Waiting Children. Additionally, grants have been added to cover the International Fee for ALL Waiting Children from Hong Kong. “We don’t want money to ever stand in […]

  • dillon needs your help

    Video: Dillon needs your help today

    As the adoption process takes longer, as children have greater needs, and as the need for post-adoption services increases, we need your help now more than ever. Adoption fees simply do not cover the costs of the work we do. We need your gifts to support our work. Please make a gift to Dillon International today.

  • bigsmile

    My Favorite Smiles

    The email inboxes here at Dillon International are blessed with many photos of smiling faces. Photos of families celebrating their child’s arrival home. Photos of holidays, birthdays and graduations. Photos sent to say “hello” or “look how he’s grown!” We treasure these pictures and the beautiful stories behind every single one. But every now and then, […]

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