• Camps are Coming!

    As we move to the end of April, it sinks in that summer is just right around the corner!  Bins of children’s crafts are starting to be sorted and registration lists are starting to form.  It can be so easy to get caught up in all the logistics of making back to back summer events […]

  • FREE Online Adoption Book Club

    We are very excited that Dillon International will be offering an online book club for pre and post adoptive families. This club will be in an online format meeting once a month on the second Tuesday evening of each month, starting March 2018 to introduce the group format and give the first reading assignment. We […]

  • Parent Support and Solutions

    At first, the idea of participating in a therapeutic support group may sound intimidating, but many parents are surprised by the positive, helpful experience. When a family faces challenges, parents can be confused and feel alone. Adoptive parent groups fill the gaps for those looking for resources, support and a safe place to talk. Experiences […]

  • Bringing the Gift of Education

    Starting the school year for us here in the United States is filled with supply shopping, backpack stuffing, and the long dreaded new wake-up call routine.  Then before we know it the first day of school arrives, a photo is taken and your child races off to their classroom or to their new school area […]